Who would want the ranking system changed to a "military ranks" type of system for immersion?

I’m just curious, it really made me wonder what the ranking system will be like in Gears 5, I really want to go back to the ranks that were around at the very start of Gears 2… I came a year late so I never got past private unfortunately… but it really helped my immersion.

Immersion factor is big for me, if I can put myself into my character’s shoes, I feel that I play the game much better.


Can someone explain to me why Bronze to Diamond is even a thing? This system to me feels less like you wanna go against genuine good players and more of a grind to diamond kind of thing. There are some people who don’t run rank because they’re afraid of losing progress.

I’m not against the idea of people wanting something to play for but things were simpler when it was just wings that mattered.


Rank doesn’t really make much of a difference to my overall experience - especially when the drops for a single loss can be extremely savage and negate hours worth of playtime.

I think people would preferr a simply progression system.

Win matches and gain points / % and lose when matches are lost.

Easy to understand and see it working.

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Unless there’s a hitherto unknown super-elite category of Gears above the Onyx Guard called the Diamond Guard.

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I dunno… because it’s really hard if you didn’t play seriously in the past? I’m stuck at gold 3 and onyx 1, only ever threatened to derank no matter how hard and how good I play because i’m 1.2 k/d and 50% w/l

Your k/d and w/l won’t necessarily hold you back.

I am running the account I learned the game on and currently have 1.34 k/d and 55% win from the 1000’s of deaths and many losses I had in my first seasons. I was able to pop out D3 in KOTH this season though.

Maybe the fact that i’m in tdm holds me back or the fact that i’m playing in one of three moods at anytime. Focused and calm where I usually win, crazy and mind in shambles where I can win but I can also rush constantly and die, or completely bored with trying and on the edge of quitting.

I’ve gotten to onyx 2 on tdm but as soon as I play solo I get stuck at onyx 1 forever.

Idk, guess i’m just not as good as a diamond, that takes a level of confidence that I don’t have.

I can’t speak for the other game modes - I just know KOTH doesn’t care about your k/d

For TDM - I’m between 50 - 95% O3 usually. My past stats and k/d could be impacting my ability to proceed higher than that but it’s hard to say since i don’t play it very much. I’m not very good at game modes (patience) that don’t have a specific team objective other than to just kill the other team. Either it becomes camp central or hide and seek.

If i’m not camping then i’m not relaxed but that never speaks well for my ranking. I like to play support and get the perfect kills rather than get all the kills and win the match. If I get too into the game then I lose my cool, if I lose that then I might as well give up.

That’s why I like objective games like KOTH a lot more, where it doesn’t always matter if you get killed or mess up (though sometimes it really does come down to the second or a simple down.)

Usually you just respawn and keep going. Lot less anxiety inducing, imo.

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Definitely, focusing on one fixed point (that rotates) rather than just a campfest for weapons or stalemate for kills.

You right, I might just give up on tdm in favor of koth since i’m gold 3, not far off at all.

You mean like this?

Please no


No, I mean like the start of Gears 2.

Maybe Embry Star (not a unit, but signifies high level service).

ive been saying this. the first gears of war didn’t have any rank or leveling. it was just good players in every lobby. I miss this

The ranking system is a great idea on paper but the way it is implemented sucks. It is also easy to manipulate.
Solo players will struggle to get above gold 3 when facing a team of 5 no matter the tier unless you are a very strong player but even then will most likely lose even if they get MVP as gears is very much a team based game.

I don’t think there is a real solution to fixing this but maybe ranked game mode for solo players only could be a possible solution.

Also remove the rewards for each tier so to stop (or at least reduce) boosting and manipulation of the system and keep it simple to match players of similar skill against each other.

Gear’s 4 is coming to the end of its life so we are stuck with a broken system. Let’s just hope TC have taken on board casual player’s comments and not just pro player’s comments for gears 5 so everyone will have a better experience

Its probably Diamond because of Minecraft tbh

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Gears needs to be more of it’s own thing and make ranks interesting and immersive within it’s own world.

Instead of generic numbers being how you level up, we should go through the military ranks of the COG.

And actual placements should also be more “immersive” and less generic. I think bronze - gold being the main tiers is better, with Onyx being the final tier instead of diamond.

The Onyx Guard are supposed to be the best of the best, it makes more sense for that to be the final placement tier no?


I was thinking rankings based on playtime and experience rather than onyx and diamond, I mean like we have now except instead of levels and “Wings”, we just give them a more realistic tone like Sergeant or Lieutenant.