Who will be playing G5 with mouse/keyboard on Xbox?

For me, one of the most interesting things about Gears 5 is that Xbox users will have every opportunity to try out the “mouse advantage” that many have complained about. Razr announced that Gears 5 will be mouse and key compatible on Xbox, joining other games like Fortnite.

Will you be playing Gears 5 with a mouse on Xbox?
Also, if you are a PC player outside of the US would you consider getting an Xbox in order to get matches easier?


If the price was cheaper.

But we don’t know if USB keyboard and mouse would finally work. On Gears 4, only keyboard works but not the mouse.

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Gears 5 is officially supported, according to Razr, whereas Gears 4 was not and Xbox did not officially support M+K until recently.

Are you trying to say that I can finally use my mouse, that isn’t from Razer?

Also, not all Razer keyboard & mouse would work. Only “Razer Turret” which says Xbox One supported.

No, I’m saying that Gears 5 will have official mouse and key support on Xbox, which is something Gears 4 didn’t have.

I’m wondering how much interest this is to Xbox users. I’ve a feeling it will catch on but, then again, when people find out it’s not exactly easy, maybe it won’t.

Gears 4 had official keyboard support but didn’t work for mouse. The USB dongle I have, it’s for both my keyboard and mouse. When I pressed W, A, S, D on Xbox One… it did move my character. Space Bar taking cover / sliding? I think Shift was running or something. I forgot. Esc for pause. But what I’m saying is that keyboard controlled gameplay, other than enabling text chat.

What I am wondering is if my mouse will finally work on Gears 5. It’s like it was turned off for Gears 4. And it’s not even Razer brand.

But if both mouse and keyboard worked, then I’d give it a go. Rather than buying a brand new £249.99 Razer Turret.

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I bought an X 3 weeks ago just for Gears 5, I haven’t even opened it yet.

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I have a gaming pic and an Xbox one x so I’ll have it on both and I’ll try both out. Most likely I’ll stick with Xbox though because gears just feels right with a controller to me.

I doubt many will. KB+M doesn’t fit the demographic of Gears players. And those that prefer KB+M will probably be on PC anyway.

Unless there’s an exploit related to crossplay with the KB+M on console, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were less than 1% people who would actually do that.


Love to use the mouse/keyboard,maybe when the new Xbox arrives next year

My PC is old now so I would probably give it a shot on Xbox.


I’d rather sit in the lobby for a few hours have a conversation with my friends than take a fast match on Xbox.

However - I don’t see the Population being an issue till at least after Christmas.

This makes no sense,

Gaming PC + Controller > Xbox + Controller.

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That may apply to Versus with 1 ms monitor that’s 1080 p. But compared to playing Campaign, Escape or Horde on 4K? Some don’t care much for Versus.


1ms Monitors just don’t exist and even still, that’s got nothing to do with gameplay.

Also, 4K on Xbox is pretty poor because the textures and all the other settings are toned down.

Plus, when it gets intense, to keep 60FPS, the resolution will drop anyway.

I’d rather have 2K at 27” but with High Settings and a higher framerate.

But each to their own I guess :+1:

I doubt I will try it anytime soon. It would change the way I play and where I can play. Most people probably play like me laying on a couch or bed. I’m not sure where I’d play to make using a M-KB viable. Doesn’t sound relaxing to sit at a desk even though I have a gaming chair for regular PC work. Is the Xbox going to support wireless accessories? Is there a delay if it does?

Pretty comfortable at my desk :wink:

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Lol. Nice chair. Mines not that nice, and I refuse to publicize the age of my PC lol.

I think I prefer the couch though. Cold drink and several pillows.

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I have this for my Single Player games.

But when it comes to MP, got to go all out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v:

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I’ll take a lower rank and comfort.

I play about 14 ft from the TV.

My son plays four inches from a 59in screen. He would love to play at a desk right in front of a monitor.

He can snipe much better than I can. I honestly think it’s the distance that gives him an advantage.