Who we need to talk to in TC about ranked TDM?

Whose the one in charge for feedback on ranked TDM.

At least make it 1 tier above or below the highest player if I can’t choose the other half of my team.

People go afk or quit if they’re not high leveled. It’s irritating.

Or let me squad up…

@o_Ventus brought to my attention it doesn’t go by highest rank. Kinda shocked by that…

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The only way to make sure that you don’t get stuck with people way lower rank than you is to have a full squad. So, just play something other than TDM for that. KOTH is still the most popular ranked mode unless something changed and I wasn’t aware of it, and I personally find KOTH much more engaging than TDM anyway.

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Care to elaborate? In my experience, the highest rank in the team seems to dictate what the enemy team will be (1 onyx with golds and bronzes? you’re ready to against diamonds of course!).

To me what the main issue is and its still an issue is. Some goof ball going 0 and 7 after the first round.
By the end of the second round while your losing because of tht same person going 3 and 12 and leaves to try and protect his garbage silver rank.
I mean???they are the sole reaon our team lost and now my team and my rank gets screwed over because of tht said person.

I mean. Seriously
Why didnt you leave after you went 0 and 7 so our team could have had some kind of chance.

Thts the thing. Believe it or not. PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE KOTH.
Me personally
I hate koth. I love escalation though.
So now. I have to play tdm or ffa.

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That’s the irony.

But when you invite a lower friend the game doesn’t apply that rule & feeds you ranks according to your partner instead. While still applying the “highest ranked rule to versus”

Versus my opponents based off highest ranked but then give me low ranked teammates because my friends not as high level ranked like me.

It’s absolutely garbage.

Need to apply highest rank to versus opponents and apply that same rule to teammates.

So if my friends an onyx but I’m diamond it should base Giving me teammates by the highest rank & not feed me gold players.

Only because gold players don’t have much to lose. If I squad up with a gold player then cool. But I shouldn’t be fed 2 gold players when I’m diamond.

I can’t hand pick my teammates so I’m at the mercy of the poor quality matchmaking system.

Right now matchmaking just doesn’t make sense, my last 2 games of KOTH: as gold 2 I’m paired with a 4 stack of bronzes with the enemy team being a mix of bronze, silver and gold. Pretty good right? not really since 2 of my teammates clearly were playing for the first time.

Next match I’m paired with a high onyx stack and we faced a diamond stack, I came in last of course.

I am either destroyed because my teammates are potatoes or I am destroyed because I’m against diamonds and I end up being the potato.

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this is correct. it’s what was said during the dev stream.

the old Ranking system was an average of everybody’s Rank

this is why you see a Gold 3 being paired with Bronze 1’s and matched against Diamond 3’s.

working as designed

Then play Gridiron or literally any other mode.

Is this actually true though? I haven’t been able to find any source for this, aside from the blog post about it from July, and that makes no mention of highest rank making any difference, only rank in general.

Thanks for clarifying that, guess I’ll stick to quickplay then.

Jim said this on stream a while ago. probably the stream right before OP4

Aus player pushing for diamond in ranked tdm @ 180 ping

The general consensus from what I’ve been experiencing is that as you get up the ranks having full teams is far more essential as teamwork (a fundamental of the game) is extremely important.

Maybe, If the concern is less skilled players going up against stacked teams, once you get to gold or onyx unlock 4 player teams so that they can grind for master accordingly.

4 player tdm has a good flow with lane coverage and breaking spawn traps, stacking in ranked tdm will be a benefit.

Lemme know thoughts guys