Who used to get excited?

When gears 4 had 2 maps releasing every month for a whole year. I know gears 4 dlc only got 4 new maps, 15 remakes from old games and 5 reimagines of its own launch maps. But still always getting excited every month the night before they reveal the 2 maps coming. I wish we had some of that excitement back.

Most of the feedback when new maps were about to be revealed were guessing what setting a previous map would have, eg Reclaimed Rainbow or Slightly cloudy harbor.

There was a lot less excitement than there was mockery of TC.


I was excited when Gears was playable. Now we gotta put In aim assist to help the bad players

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It was exciting at first until you realized that there were only 4 new maps. But yeah I know what you mean.

Hoping we get something good tomorrow and TC continues that momentum. I’ve been enjoying Operation 3.

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I wish I could get the feeling that I actually wanted to get on Gears and play it back. That’s what Gears 5 is sorely missing right now compared to Gears 4. Updates generating excitement… er… yeah, Gears 4 and its lack of PvE updates besides one major one in June 2017 and a less big one in September that same year kinda drove that out of me. My optimistic part(it’s a miracle it even has survived exposure to our world so far) hopes the update or whatever today(assuming wherever you are is Tuesday already) helps bring that back but the optimist/pessimist within me doesn’t believe in it.

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Yes I’m hoping TC builds of this. Something, just keep the momentum going. I’m hoping TC hits a Grand Slam. Go big. They already went home a bunch of times.

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Definetly, got me excited,And it was cool that threads was popping up to see which maps the community liked & disliked😎


I was easily excited,but now I’m getting old.


This game has had more excitement for patches or weapon tuning fixes than the excitement for new content.

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I don’t know how people expect me not to make the obvious joke when you provide the perfect set up

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Had to fix your post man.

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This. Never did I ever expect to be in a position where the latest Gears game was this disappointing.

Did anyone watch the recent dev-stream where Octus claimed that a new map takes at least 6 months and Gears 4 maps can’t just be copypasted because “muh tweaks”?

Ya strange when they put our 2 maps every month for gears 4 but can’t even get a real remake in 7 months for gears 5. Hmmmm

Not since Gears 3 launch and subsequent Gears 3 dlc.

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Gears 3 made me excited. Gears 4 it all went away

You aren’t excited for peek a boo?

This exactly…

I keep telling you guys, this community has a lifetime supply of rose tinted glasses. I remember the hype that OP describes, but I also remember being hugely let down when seeing it was just remakes of previous maps. I remember how cynical the community was prior to every months release. Joking about Overcast Relic and High pollen count foundation.

I’ll be honest, at that time TC was not very transparent and that is where a lot of my negative emotions stemmed from. However, since then , TC has done a full 180° and despite their hard effort and dedication to the fans this entire community seems to feel TC is just a giant money hungry mechanical Devil in high heels.

In the last Dev Stream, Dana flat out said TC dropped the ball with Gears 5’s launch and admitted that they missed the mark with content and features that make a Gears game feel like a Gears game. He mentioned a company wide summit where they discussed getting this game back on the track that the community wants it to be. Meaning more maps, characters, skins, etc… For me, it’s extremely refreshing to see this sort of candid honesty. It’s the kind of thing a company does when they are admitting they no longer have anything to hide and they want to make a better product.

I will give you all some very basic advise, not just pertaining to video games.
Don’t harp on the past, what is done is done. The only thing that matters right now is today.


Yup. I vote with my wallet. Like with No Man’s Sky.

Worse season pass of the franchise, no excitement just felt robbed.

Last time I was genuinely excited for Gears was this