Who tought it was a good idea to force people to play Quickplay when ranked banned?

It is brilliant.


Well in your case… Even a team doesn’t help


Don’t quit ranked games then. Problem solved. Why did this have to be a thread? Ranked modes are probably the dumbest thing invented in gaming ever, but still? DM me next time and I will solve the problem without the need for a pointless thread.

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You don’t deserve to play ranked. Stick to quickplay. Guys like you are one of the big problems in this game. Quitting a ranked match is inexcusable. No matter how bad you are losing , you are not only screwing over your teammates but you show that you quit when things aren’t going your way. Lousy trait to have as a teammate.

There have been times we’ve gotten wrecked in round 1 only to regroup and win at least one if not the next two rounds. As a solo I’ve beaten lots of stacks and though it’s certainly an advantage to be stacked , it’s by no means a guarantee.

Glad you were honest about it though, so now we can block you and avoid having to play a ranked match with you.


I hit 90k masters with ease while dodging alot. Ranking is super easy, not the point of this thread though.

Is everyone on the forums masters? Lol. And nice job changing the thread so people dont call you out on being a quitter, most masters I know arent. But you do you and enjoy your bans when you cant win or suffer through with your teammates who are most likely also struggling. But like everyone else said if you dont want a ban or to be forced to play social cause that’s how it is now, dont quit, easiest solution here.


dude is just trolling. Bored and no life. why not get a rise out of annoying people.

He quits matches when he sees a stack and F’s his team over. But he 90k as a solo with ease? And at the same time wants you to feel bad for him. Makes no sense.


“I hIt 90k mAsTeRs wIth EAsE”

You’re a prime example of a fake masters


“I’d rather be banned for 100 hours”

Can someone at TC make this happen once a week to the OP


I wish this was one of my alts

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sounds like a clown . Anyone who makes a statement like that after crying about playing stacks and admits to being a quitter is just a straight up clown.

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I agree but there should be a caveat. I played earlier where 2 “team mates” quit on tound 1 of Hill. I had to stay and get tbagged, Global chat stuff (although that can be fun, when I understand what has been typed) etc Or get a ban and lose even more points. That should not happen.

That’s an insult to all clowns.



:rofl: :rofl:

Look I can see that thinking is a bit hard for you.
So just an idea you could just like do coop vs. ai, you wouldnt even have to fight humans and no one is gonna worry about you being sweaty.
And it’s fast too, depending how many Quits per minute you have of course.

Unless you are really of the clown crew…in that case. Well played.