Who tought it was a good idea to force people to play Quickplay when ranked banned?

Sometimes there will be a game when u run into a stack as a solo player. Sometimes that stack thinks there is a 50k prizepool. ngl i quit when that happens, But i’d rather get a 100 hour ranked ban than to be forced to play quickplay.
Plus forcing ranked sweats into quickplay is NOT good for newer players who are going to get shafted and this MIGHT be their first impression of the game. Sometimes the incompetence of this company astonished me

Too bad, don’t complain about your punishment then.


It used to be a time ban but people would just play something else and then would quit again.

By being forced to do something you don’t like you’ll either stop quitting or find something else to play.


It’s a team game. If people want to go in as a stacked group, then let them. Playing with friends makes it more fun. If you quit, then take your punishment.


I mean, where is my Solo/Duo matchmaking? Let stacks play stacks? I wouldnt have to quit if the game was fair

Sounds like you just can’t take an L

If you don’t want to have a ranked ban, then don’t leave. Simple.

YOU and all the other people that quit mid game because they are getting dogged on are why that was added

Don’t complain when you are part of the problem


Quick play is better than ranked anyway

Control & execution incoming


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Quickplay feels like ranked every game nowadays.

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Don’t quit, solved.
I either just go through or trash talk if there is little chance. Largely depends on my state of drunkedness.
I don’t care if you quit really, but you know exactly what happens if you do, so don’t come crying.

Did you just insult yourself ?

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Quitters… Booooooooo, oh wait that’s you:)


You want something to cry about, being stuck with a torque bow, downing the wielder and then taking them with you while exploding does only give the torque bow an elimination.
Now that is unfair :frowning:


What’s unfair is this one game I played today, it was like the last 2 minutes I died and the game wouldn’t let me respawn, I was stuck watching my teammates the rest of the game, luckily they showed much love after I told them whatsup and they said they would win it for me:) which they did. Had I quit I would’ve expected and deserved the full penalty, so I didnt and suffered through it.

@HazeAbusers what’s your rank? just wondering?

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Well boo hoo the quitter is inconvenienced and crying about it. Funny, no mention of the teammates YOU inconvenience when you quit out of games because poor guy can’t take an L.


To be fair. They get 200 points or so when he quits.
Maybe that is more than he could contribute…so win ?

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> Complains about being forced to play QP as a punishment
> Admits to quitting ranked games
> Says that forcing ranked sweats into QP is bad for newer players.

Lack of self awareness at its finest.
“Incompetence of this company” Dude get real. Don’t blame your inability to not quit games on TC. Next time I get arrested for robbery or whatever, I will say that the people who wrote the law are incompetent.


I quit when that happens too. Then I play on QP and then I forget about why I started playing Ranked in the first place.

Then I go back to Ranked, someone quits, I wait 2 mins and then I quit.

If this is a punishment then I’m a masochist, I love it lmao

Irony. Don you just love it ? <3 <3

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Tbh you deserve to get mocked up and down for this. Quitting ruins games for everyone.
Get a team if stacks bother you that much.


That’s just, too realistic, I is disappoint mister Forum troll.

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