Who thought this garbage horde change was a good idea?

What the hell were you thinking? Played Gears from its beginning and enjoyed horde when it artived in the game, which totally near enough got the game mode perfect in Gears 4. The only real game you could go to for a great bit of co op fun with friends and family. Ive yet to find anyone bother to stick it out past wave 20,other than going it alone and the game deciding to crash repeatedly as I progress,making the effort worthless. You have killed a great formula you had. No player want to play tactically.The randomness and upgrades are trash. What on earth have you done. Change it,its garbage.Seriously I feel no reason to return. Utter mess and am suprised that this passes any kind of quality control or gears fans were hoping for. Disbelief.


I’m not a fan either. I can’t pick my character or class, ammo is a major issue. And teamwork is out the window.


I enjoy it. I just wish it was a Horde Variant and not Gears 5 core horde mode. If they plan to add more game modes I hope they add a retro Horde mode.


Retro horde mode would be sick! The thing is that I do enjoy horde when I have a group of people that work together. I’ve found a few groups from the main page finder when you look for people with the same goal as you. However, if you just random match public it’s always a crap shoot.

To the OP: I’m not a big fan of characters tied to classes. I don’t like it and I think it’s a huge step backward and hopefully they will put in a mode that appeals to older horde fans but truthfully they seem to like it so I wouldn’t hold my breath. But one can dream.

Awesome idea

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i like the way they did horde. i think the characters being unique is awesome and true to who they are. i dont like the way they handle duplicates just auto assigning. and something even crazier, there were two jd’s and i was fine as marcus but they auto assigned one of the jd’s as marcus and made me emille haha wtf? just force ppl who joined later to pick a new character or kick them from the group if they dont in a certain amount of time.

i like the ammo scarcity too because it makes it harder and more necessary to work together. and what do you mean working together is out the window haha its like the only way to win in higher difficulties.

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Horde Mode is a lost cause now that they cant go back in and unbind chracters with a class

Gears was always about play how you want with who you want. This Hero crap throws all that out the window.

Not only that, they messed up their own character. From what I hear, Kait prefers precision weapons in the books, as evidenced by her preference for Longshots in the games. Why is she the CQC specialist while belligerent Fahz is the team sniper?

classes in gears 4 was too closed: scout strategy and energy system as total garbage

I’ve played a crazy amount of public horde in every Gears game. Sure you get some idiots, jerks, and quitters, but I’m usually skeptical when people say they can NEVER find a game where people don’t play past wave or 10 or 20. I hate to drop a hard truth, but if you’re someone that can never ever have teammates stick out a game then you might be part of the problem.

You’ll see plenty of quitters, but if it’s consistently every single game then I’d suggest looking at your play. Are you playing hard difficulties with under leveled characters? Are you depositing power? Perks are a little overrated. 5000 power to do 1% more weapon damage is not very cost effective or useful on higher difficulties. I’ve also seen plenty of players that don’t even seem to know what power is. If you’re running around with 30k in power because you don’t know how to deposit or buy perks then your team is going to assume you’re an idiot. Are you sticking within your role and putting the team before yourself? If Del is buying sentry after sentry first before barriers and weapon lockers then your team is going to think your top priority is trying to maximize his own kills and not the team.

I’ve seen plenty of Gilded JDs (2500 horde kills in Gears 4) that should have plenty of Gears 4 horde experience act like complete tools without common sense in Gears 5.

Not trying to be a jerk, but if you can never find a public game that goes decent then understand that people might not want to play with you because they think you’re clueless or not a team player.