Who thinks TC have completely ruined the STORE?

The game itself isn’t perfect but its a great game however, the store is beyond broke. I have been playing with the same lads from day one of gears 1 and out of the 8 of them there are only 2 left.The rest have knocked it on the head mainly because of the state of the store. If things don’t change pretty quick they will end up losing money. The one thing that has really annoyed me is when you buy ‘Iron’ you don’t actually get your moneys worth. You waste money because if I want to go from Lieutenant 1 to Lieutenant 2 I have to spend more real cash and even then I will end up disgarding most because I mainly play online ranked KOTH. So if it shows 3 stars for getting 300 creature kills on Hoarde which I don’t like and don’t play these stars get discarded, there is very little for me to gain by buying. Its a ’ RIP-OFF ’ TC are only about one thing …the Money they can make from its loyal Gears gamers !!! I would like to see some way of being able to swap the stars you get for something you will actually use and not simply lose the stars altogether. It’s legalised stealing !!!

I am giving this game until Jan 2020 and if I don’t see a significant change in favour of the Gears Community I’m off !!! I will be voting with my feet. I have paid enough over the years. TC have become a GREEDY MONSTER. Its not even FAIR !!! It amazes me that they make the decision to completely change the store with any market research of its Gears Community -This tells me they don’t give a flying ■■■ !!!


I come from a time where the store wasn’t even remotely thought about and had literally no impact on the longevity of the game.

Using Gears of War 3 as an example, there was excellent quality DLC available yet it was a welcome addition as opposed to the be all and end all. 5 years I played that daily, not once longing for multiple new character skins that didn’t ship with the game nor multiple variants of already released character skins. RAAM’s Shadow gave us Zeta Squad and the Theron Elite which all came with the Season Pass.

Anyway, yes to an extent I do believe TC are quite greedy but it’s not the deciding factor in this game’s failure. The general poor quality and multiple gameplay issues are. Oh, and that ranking system…


Rule number 1 never re role daily’s with iron.


Gears 5 is simply not worth the $60 price tag. Yeah, you get a ■■■■ ton cosmetics but it’s simply not the cosmetic the community wants. TC has created a problem(the game is starved of easy to get cosmetics) and decided to sell the solution in the form of the good skins in the store.

You didn’t want new characters because Gears 3 was more or less complete. The grinding was minimal(if you didn’t want the grind character like Prescott) and good game modes.

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Wish we can go back to the early years where there were a few characters to choose from and no stores or skins.


Unfortunately because the game was released on game pass and there’s no season pass TC need to earn money from somewhere but I do feel bad for the people that paid full price. I actually hope suckers spend money on the store and then maybe we’ll get some much needed content eventually.

Gears of 3 did things right and what I would give for a remake.

Precisely my point. Simpler times where more of an effort was put into the proper developing of the game rather than the Store and mediocre content they can charge money for.


Just reached General (unlocked the Rock skins) without spending any Iron on re-rolls. So it is possible.

But it takes a big amount of time if you don’t play every single day. That, and without Boost it’s going to become even harder without those double stars…

Probably won’t be reaching General again… :sweat_smile:

Only if they’re compelling characters…

If you are leaving a game over cosmetics then you need to rethink why you play games. While I do agree the prices in the store are way too high at the moment its not a pay to win game so cosmetics dont really make the big of a deal. Personally I dont think there has been anything good to come out in the store yet.


There’s truth in your statement… but also, not.

If I’ve played as Anthony Carmine since Gears 1, and I can’t now, have no idea when I can and no clue how much it’s going to cost… that affects my game play. How happy I am. How much I care to play.

You can’t hold 1 side to be true, whilst completely disregarding the EXACT SAME thing from the other perspective.

If cosmetics didn’t matter, no one would buy them. Ever. Not TC, not any other company would sell them. Because people wouldn’t care. Companies don’t typically sell products that people don’t want. That’s not a very profitable or successful business.

It’s a completely backhanded statement for anyone to say cosmetics don’t matter. Tell that to Activision and EA. Tell that to every company ever.

Do you buy plain white T’s and wranglers from Walmart and that’s all you wear ever? I doubt it. I’m sure you like the cosmetics of wearing graphic T’s and some jeans from American Eagle or Buckle or some such store. There aren’t many people that wear completely blank and neutral colors and clothing daily because cosmetics don’t matter. Do women wear makeup? But I thought cosmetics don’t matter? Do you cut and style your hair? Cut cosmetics don’t matter?

Your entire argument is ■■■■■■■■. If cosmetics didn’t matter, society as a whole wouldn’t exist as it does this very moment in time. And if those cosmetics for sale in the store didn’t matter, they would be free and given away, not sold for absurd sums of money.

Send me a picture of your white T, wrangler jeans and no name brand shoes, unkempt hair, no deodorant and completely unshaven and unbathed way of life. I’m sure y out can’t and won’t. Because vanity is a reality of society at this point. And you’re just as guilty of it as everyone else is. But that’s ok. You can keep pretending that you’re above everyone else. No big deal, yeah?

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Im not saying they dont matter Im saying they arent a reason to stop playing a game. Id rather have great gameplay at the cost of cosmetics. But thats my opinion.

I get that people have favorite characters. Im waiting on Hoffman, Clay, or Baird to be added.

If you are a Carmine fan yea it sucks, but it also took awhile to get them into Gears 4 and people stuck around untill they dropped in. As for price they will be free when added as TC stated already Characters will be free, skins will be unlock able or cost iron

Im not even gonna lie Im a simple man. White/black tees are most of my wardrobe. And when did I act like Im about everyone else??


Yeah they said Characters would be free but consider they might do a simple Carmine character so maybe you get Clayton for free but Ben, Anthony are classed as Skins and thus stuck in the store

You may have plain black and white T’s, but I doubt that’s all you have in your wardrobe. And that’s the point that you’re ignoring and pretending doesn’t exist. I bet you have graphic T’s and colored T’s and long sleeves and all sorts of stuff. Because cosmetics matter.

Just like having a bland base character, but having a cool skin matters.

You can down play it all you want and act like you’re above it all and you’re the only person in history ever that doesn’t care about cosmetics.

But you’re full of ■■■■. You, and everyone else that reads this will know that.

Exactly why businesses exist and sell things. They don’t sell things people don’t want. I don’t know why you insist on pretending otherwise.

If TC tried to even do that it will be the end of them and someone will burn down their studio. Theres no way they would be able to justify having Ben and Anthony as skins

I am willing to bet almost anything that Carmine characters are going to be CoG Soldier skins. Because that’s all they are, CoG skins. And that’s the only way they can monetize them. And they know it will work. They’re the most popular characters. Guaranteed they’re skins for CoG Gear characters. Bet.

Again I never said it doesnt matter all I said is its no reason to stop playing a game. BUT THATS JUST MY OPINION Stop putting words in my mouth dude. I never acted like I was above anyone or anything like.

If the Carmines ended up as COG Gears skins it’d be stupid because the Carmines have more distinct personalities and appearances than the regular generic Gear. Only the Onyx Guard is so far known to be a COG Gear skin, apparently being a ToD2 unlock.

Which I completely disagree with as well. But considering there’s already been nearly $1,000 worth of “cosmetics” pass through their store in 2 months of post launch… I’m not putting anything beyond TC. “Accidentally” putting Gears 2 stomp in the store. Ok… “accidentally” selling Marcus for too much. Ok… I don’t know anyone naive enough to believe these lies. I hope you don’t either.

I honestly don’t really care about the store too much. But I’m not really putting anything beyond TC. Though I don’t think they will make the Carmines just a skin for the COG Gear seeing as Lizzie and Clayton are already in the Campaign in gameplay segments and could’ve been here already. But they’re not so I expect they will have their own unique abilities and such.