Who’s playing tonight?

Add me. My Gt is Expose That Man.

Hopefully I can play bc bad weather is coming. Ima be playing Escalation probably most of the night

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Not me. 9 is too late for me these days. I wake up round 5am.

I’m booked in at 21.00 for my delivery then it’s a 3hr drive home and will play for a hour or so before bed

I will be on from 9.

Anyone want to co-op some campaign add me

Probably do that for a couple of hours then some horse or eacape

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i’m down i’ll be on a 9 pm est assuming there isn’t an 100 GB update launch file.

I’ll add you right now

I will be on this evening.

Feel free to add me if you are on the West Coast!

Less then 3hrs to go,but with the way things are going the game most likly won’t even start.

I’m on now.

Won first match on, then hit w 30 mine ban for leaving back to menu AFTER the match was over

What time zone you in?

I’m in Aussie time until 9pm. Then back to west coast

Sound like you did a time zone change i heard thats a risky move but hey to each his own.