Who remembers this game Torque bow tag?

One of my favorite modes that would pop up from time to time on gears 3. What’s your favorite mode or modes game wise.

GoW4: Luck of the Draw
GoW3: Thanksgibbing
GoW2: Enemy weapon swaps (Wretches with Torques/Sires with Lancers) - Horde based
GoW1: Annex

Wretches with torque bow sounds like now hunting turkey mutant dogs lol. That sounds like fun.

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It was a blast back in the day. Even had their own Horde event “Cupid Wretches” for Valentines Day.

That was the first time I’ve seen torque bow games.

I remember the Torque Bow Tag in Gears:Judgment that was one of my favorite special events and Dominasher.

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