Who remembers the “trippy” weapon skin from GOW 4 lol

who remembers the trippy weapon skin from gears of war 4 it was a pretty neat looking skin, man I wanted it to return in gears 5 too but I guess not.

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Green trippy + commando dom= sweatlords.

I myself am guilty of this combo.


i agree!

the fact that it was available in nearly every color too made it match nearly every skin! it was such an amazing weapon skin, nearly all gears of war 4 ones were !

Gears 5 has better simple skins than gears 4.

Gears 4 is on par with 5 when it comes to animated skins.

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But what about these ? These skins were sexy


indeed !!

Would’ve been better without the omen, but then I am not a fan of the skull imagery on weapon skins, and it wouldn’t have been a “Midnight Omen” skin then.

Also; Phantom skins in Gears 4 are miles above Phantom skins in Gears 5 when it comes to the “phantom” look.

I’ve never heard anyone not be a fan of the crimson omen lol. Any skin that has it automatically becomes a fan favorite of mine.

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I’m a sucker for anything with the standard Omen on it or the omen that is depicted on some characters armor.

I used the Neon Glow skins in Gears 5 for a very long time until some better skins came out.

Now if Pink Phantom actually looked Pink on all the maps I wouldn’t ever take those skins off.


Well you heard it here first. But I’m definitely not a “true Gears fan” because of it.

Oh no definitely not. You never dated Rod Ferguson.

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And I never polished Cliffy Bs shoes either.

Not that I’m complaining about it.

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Isn’t that just syndrome skins then?

All I want is my Gears 3 Omen Lancer.

It’s simple, it looks good, it doesn’t clash with anything. Why can’t they make this again?


Or the gold omen skin :pensive:

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It’s not like I know. I gave up on stream skins after the Emerald Phantom ones in Gears 4 and as such don’t follow eSports at all. And if Syndrome exists in Gears 4(which I’m pretty sure I would have known), I haven’t seen it.

They originally came from Gears 4.

I don’t think the Gears 5 version has the omen though. Looks like the Gears 4 version does. Was not aware of that.

I loved it when the oppositing team used Trippy or Lambent skins on their weapons, they were visible in smoke, lol… Many kills i got by shooting at a glowing weapon in smoke :grin:

Those were my fave skins, but i used them only in Horde :grin: (ohh, remember the days when you could choose different skins for different game modes and different factions? )

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So, random thought as we’re looking at screenshots of menus:

Why do most games now need to incorporate full in-game models in their menus? What’s wrong with just making the menu artistic? I don’t love how Gears 4 & 5 give you one of the character’s mugs every time you go to the main menu. I much prefer Gears 1-3’s approach. Make it look cool. Stylized.


Its like this for Halo Infinite matchmaking screen aswell. I honestly prefer just a solid background with slight animation rather than looking at random characters. It’s not a huge deal but no one is asking for it either lol.