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Who out there has any ideas for new game types in the next gears of war? Id like to hear about it and how it works


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I posted about a new version of Guardian, if you’re interested you can read it here

(Buster McTunder) #22

Balls of Steel - TDM, 20 Respawns. Everyone is in Silverbacks. When the silver back is destroyed, you have a boomshot until next Respawn.

(Buster McTunder) #23

Wasn’t the goal of Wingman already to be the last ones standing?

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(telekinetix) #25

Do you guys love or hate me because i came up with the idea of submission? Tho i introduced it as “capture the leader” so that we could have a form of capture the flag,

(I Pwn Everybody) #26

As I remember it (back in Gears 2), you earned points for kills.

(Sgt Fergus) #27

I heard a few from the community,

One was a battle royale mode, ya ya i know there are hates going to go psycho but there are those that would like it and gears 5 battle royale with gnashers would be funny to see. but i had prior experience to this before battle royale was a game mode, someone made a mod in gears of war 1 pc where they somehow enabled a 50v50 game mode with 1 life. didn’t have an enclosing circle though but the map was small enough you couldn’t hide. and it was funny to watch. it came down to 5 or 6 players left on 1 team and like 20 players on the other team and the 5/6 players on 1 team were all holding out in a room for their life as the other team, with their 20 players, just rushed in and it was a slaughter-fest it was hilarious. So after seeing that I actually think it would be fun to see.

Another gamemode I heard people would like to see is a mode called “Carnage Mode” basically takes BTB and cranks it up to 10. burmaks, centaurs, etc basically vehicle gameplay with tons of anti-vehicle weapons and counters and just a complete bloodbath. It is true Carnage.

And then people mentioned bringing back classic modes like overrun and beast mode but someone even mentioned the idea of beast mode and horde mode combined where like either you start off 5v5 or maybe even 10 players and if you die you go on the bot team and try to overrun the survivors. so it’s like Horde mode but with an infection game type element.

They were so popular they made it into my list of the top 10 most requested features for gears 5 by request of the Gears community.

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Sorry. I’m going to take a hard pass on a 40minute video of rambling just to list 10 things.
Good thing I have adblock running so you didn’t get paid for that click.

Can we just reskin CrackDown 3 and call it Gears5?

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“Let me show you how toxic I can be by criticizing your video I didn’t even watch but also mention how I used adblocker because I think that is how youtubers get paid is based on views, and the video wasn’t even monetized so I was rude for literally no reason.” - mizzelphug

Thanks mizzelphug, I made the video for fun for people to enjoy that like Gears of war, There is no monetization on the video because YouTube, as of last year, changed how monetization works and that you need 1000 subs and over 4000 hours of view time, to qualify. And YouTube videos don’t get monetization based on clicks. At this point, the videos I do are merely just a hobby fun thing to do because I mainly do halo videos but wanted to do one for gears 5 because I like gears of war series and took in what the community stated after holding a Facebook post on one of the largest Facebook groups for Gears of War, Hearing what all people wanted then taking the top 10 and holding a poll to see which came out on top and then making a video of it all out of my free time. It was a bit long because it goes into depth about each one some of the tidbits if it, like how before battle royale there was a mod in gears 1 pc where someone made a 50v50 player mod with 1 life and it was really fun to play or how Carnage mode would work in Gears 5.

There was clearly no need to be insulting, shallow and rude like you just displayed in your comment. If you wanted the shorter version, you could of just asked. Next time, learn to be more respectful to people instead of immediately coming off as hostile.

10 Matchmaking Mixtape
9 Carnage Mode
8 Improved Horde Mode
7 No Over-killed Micro-transaction Loot box System
6 Battle Royale
5 Improved Campaign
4 Bring Back The Classics
3 New Melee, Execution, and Assassination Mechanics
2 More New Weapons, Skins, Characters, Maps and Modes (Even A PC Map Editor)
1 Multiplayer Improvements (Multiple improvements mentioned, punishment system, gameplay mechanics etc)