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Who out there has any ideas for new game types in the next gears of war? Id like to hear about it and how it works


(Admire Vanity) #21

I posted about a new version of Guardian, if you’re interested you can read it here

(Buster McTunder) #22

Balls of Steel - TDM, 20 Respawns. Everyone is in Silverbacks. When the silver back is destroyed, you have a boomshot until next Respawn.

(Buster McTunder) #23

Wasn’t the goal of Wingman already to be the last ones standing?

(NiszczycielM) #24


(telekinetix) #25

Do you guys love or hate me because i came up with the idea of submission? Tho i introduced it as “capture the leader” so that we could have a form of capture the flag,

(I Pwn Everybody) #26

As I remember it (back in Gears 2), you earned points for kills.