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Who out there has any ideas for new game types in the next gears of war? Id like to hear about it and how it works


(telekinetix) #1

I personally would like to see 3 teams of 3 section for gaurdian, koth and any others really just add yellow on the robots team

(Asurazu Rasu) #2

Anything that has a large map specifically for one mode (I.e how they designed boxes) but with like 7v7 or even 8v8

No real reason why but I feel like more chaos would be more fun. And it’d bring more War to the multiplayer than just campaign, even though they’re dropping the whole ‘War’ part.

Either way I’m not expecting much for Gears of 5 game mode wise.

(telekinetix) #3

I definitely agree with this but alas the unreal engine can only keep up with 5v5 on cloud servers, if we had true dedicated servers then what you mention would work and i personally would live to see that but as we learn time and again microsoft wi not float the bill for dedicated servers nor will they let the players pay for it even tho it eould fix 90% of the issues players compkain about in gears of war, i also want to see more chaos this is why i think 3 teams 3 would be dope or even 5 teams of 3 or maybe 4 teams of 4, its a great deal more to have to tjink about so much more chaos would be had, they were gonna make it 6 vs 6 in gears 3 but thry decided not to because of lag issues

(sancris777) #4

They will probably introduce new modes that will be largely ignored and everyone will demand Gears 5 be watered down to just gnashers and no other gameplay


Kill confirmed

(Duffman GB) #6

The answer I always give:
Breakthrough should get another run out.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #7

fReE tO pLAy bAtTlE RoYAlE

Alright I would love like 32vs32 or something

(mizzelphug) #8

That virtual bullsh*t never performs as advertised and would account for some of the issues that i do not see with other games. I think some of the other problems are in how TC handled the netcode though.

Even UE3 could run with higher numbers of players as evident with the 16 v 16 games in Unreal Tournament.

Fortnite and PUBG are running on UE4 and they have 100players on a single ever shrinking map at one time so a few more players per game COULD be doable in Gears.

(RedDoog888) #9


I like to see Horde Tournaments over a season or month. here how it would work and the reward would be special skins & characters. Maybe a small entry fee and each MLG team can sponsor and the money can go to support there team. in return we get all there skins/ T-shirts

  1. No speed run or spawn trapping
  2. It would be 5 maps pre chosen
    3.50 waves or a 25 wave version
  3. Insane and Inconceivable for wings one and above teams. Hardcore for level 1 to 10
  4. Team would be no bigger then 10 total with only 5 playing at any one time under the team gamer tag. this allows for teammates in different times zones or maybe not all 5 can play or be on at the same time
  5. Maps must be completed within in the event time period
  6. All 5 classes must be used. no all scout etc.
  7. No Hammer sniper strike or Motor. Team revive would be allowed or not.

Awards per the 2 groups Wings 1 and up or level 1-9 wins ( this would encourage more play)

  • fastest time completed per map or avg on all 5 ( exclude game pauses)

  • least amount of waves failed ( maybe bonus if played under Iron man

  • Least amount of DBNO

  • Most execution

  • Most power collected

  • Least amount of power weapons used.

Teams can only win in no more than 2 categories. (spread the love). It’s fun watch pro versus tournaments thought maybe the greater based would like something tournament oriented.

I could go on, but this is gives you an idea.

(telekinetix) #10

It might be bull that we cant have big team games but its not bull pucky as to why we have never seen more than 5v5 do your research, the information is out there, did you even play gears 3? Did you ever notice they had enough player slots to do 6v6 and chose to take it away just before releasing the game? Because the game was released on dedicated servers at first and it was the cleanest they ever had gears running but they knew before hand that they were gonna take the servers away and that gears couldnt handke any more than 5v5 on a player host or cloud server us ue3 on a cloud server? Or a dedicated one? Pubg and ue4 if they are hosting 100 players theres no one its on the cloud servers used in gears, its on a much more powerful sever that can handle that many players,

(I Pwn Everybody) #11

How about a mode that’s like Guardian, except the leaders look like team leaders such as Hoffman or Prescott, and Raam or the Queen - instead of, you know… being BRIGHT GOLD?

(mizzelphug) #12

Just reskin Fortnite and call it Gears5. That’s apparently what all the loot-pack addicts want.

(ll R E D l) #13

Don’t you go putting ideas in TC’s head please :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(DrMmmPie) #14

FFA. Arms Race
Bring back Meatflag.

(Bleeding Pepper) #15

I think there needs to be some more game types that are not competitive based but more fun. Things like an Infection style mode. Or a mode where there’s an alpha player chosen at random who is a bit stronger, and the other players compete to kill the alpha player, and then they become the alpha. Only kills scored while they are the alpha give points. It just feels like Gears 4 has shifted too much into competitive territory and lost some of that fun factor with Versus.

And Capture the Leader would be nice to see return too.

(telekinetix) #16


(ReaganSmash1985) #17

This isn’t at all new but keeping Escalation as both competitive and core would be awesome. Also bringing back Wingman would be fun.
I have high hopes for Gears 5 and I think its going to be a phenomenal game.

(LuvOfThaGame) #18

Search and destroy type. You have to set the fabricator to explode and the other team has to disarm within a certain time limit. I think it would be an amazing fit for gears. It could be called Fabricate.

(I Pwn Everybody) #19

If they brought back Wingman, I’d like to see a change in the rules. Surviving (being the last team standing) should be the goal.

Obviously this would lead to a bunch cowards camping and having a stalemate, but I think I have s solution.

Make it so your team earns points by getting kills, but those points only cash in for that round if your team survives.

So hiding or playing defensively all round, and just picking off the last guys, might make it likely you’ll survive. But it’s risky because it’ll earn you points so slowly that one good round by another team who play aggressive and still win (survive) could be worth like 3 or 4 of your wins.


(mizzelphug) #20

That doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think Gears is deep enough for an the oxymoronic title of “fabricate” for a game type where you destroy things instead of building them.

Might as well go full COD/Battlefied and just call it Sabotage because that’s what it is.