Who needs skill cards or perks, really... (challenge run)

Was bored this morning so asked around and we got some people to complete this challenge. It’s really only the first couple waves that are tricky, after that it’s just like regular auto-mode Horde.

@SMARTAN_427 @Siul_S249 @RumblyMonkey991 Thanks for participating. :slight_smile: (THE MINIMAX is not on the forums)


Well, yeah. I don’t know what you’re were expecting. You used fortifications. Classic Horde is harder than this.

Standard Horde is only harder than classic if you don’t use skills or fortifications.

Was considering enabling the “No Cards” option (which we did at first), turns out that disables Ultimates, Passives, Perks and fortification upgrades as well.

That’ll be the next challenge.

I can imagine, Classic Horde being a little tougher than that too.


@CommanderCH2863 thanks for inviting!




This is pretty cool.

If you ever need 1 one for a challenge game let me know. Thats pretty much what I find fun these days. Trying to make the game more difficult. Id be down to join a Classic Horde match.

Being able to select our own mutators would be a good way to make our difficulty.

Classic Horde is very difficult and slow though. None of the old tricks from old Gears games work in this game. Torque bows don’t always headshots heavies and don’t always kill a drone with a stick.

I guess the main loadout would be a longshot and boomshot in classic horde.



With Koty and Defensor we need just one more?

Not sure if you want to try tonight? I’ll be on shortly.

Still not beaten it on Master without a failed wave. Made it to wave 10 a couple of times. Imagine it should be very doable with competant team mates who stick together and team fire the closest threats.

Lancer, longshot and if the map has a heavy weapon on it , that to. Did you know the, on classic horde, the Mulcher on checkout has 1000 ammo ?

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Can’t play at 3AM every day lol.
Guess it’ll have to wait for another day.

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If you drop it, you lose the bonus rounds so beware.

Seeing as how @RelaxingKoty cant play gears 5 without @WickedlyInocent we’re all set


I’ll admit, I was hesitant to take part in this at first but had a lot of fun in the end pushing the basic Nomad class to it’s limits. Quickly got bored of using Boomshot like CommanderCH and MINIMAX were so I did a lot of sniping with some initial anti-Flusher Gnasher-ing at the start.

But I eventually figured out how I could make the Breaker Mace of all things work with Nomad in this no-cards and no-perks challenge, to surprisingly devastating effect. I figure @RelaxingKoty would like to see that lol. Tried tagging you in Discord but didn’t realize you left our challenge server.

Here is a very brief video showing what I was doing for most of the match, along with my own proof of having no cards or perks:

Nomad best Mace class for this scenario?


The non-forum guy THE MINIMAX
And my friend @Siul_S249,

GG and thanks for inviting me!


It has 1000 rounds in all maps.

It respawns so quickly that it’s a non-issue.

That is pretty cool. The double damage mace is pretty cool.

I deleted my account and discord because its not really for me.

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