Who knew? Now you do

Just a heads up for anyone that didn’t know


I knew this for choosing your character in the lobby for Horde, but had no idea it translated to character and weapon skins. Bizarre that there is no on-screen instructions for this… good find!

Good find, GG for sharing.

Nice tip. I’ve known about this since launch and a similar mechanic also existed in Gears 4.

I knew this for character skins, but never did it for executions or blood sprays. The reason you won’t see people using LB or RB is because they don’t want to change or want to see the executions / blood sprays visually.


Thanks. More importantly, how/why have you got a green highlight colour instead of the usual red, or blue when boost is on?

It might be color blind settings for color blind viewers? Would be my guess anyway.

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Its colourblind settings I orefere the green around icons than the red.

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I figured out LB RB after a couple weeks of frustration. Mostly it helps to quickly switch your character to prevent people from quitting Escape lobbies.

Many thanks OP,( I’m still learning something new everyday)from the community​:+1::sunglasses:Which is positive to me

Meanwhile, I was thinking “I swear if it’s just bumper switching.”

I honestly thought this was common.

Ok, protip: this helps when you’re offline and you can’t switch your skins otherwise.

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