Who Is Your Preferred Character When It Comes Horde And Escape?

Typically, my go to characters are Del, Cole, Kait, JD, Fahz, and JACK. Del because he can spawn numerous fortifications. Cole because he’s a beast. Kait because she’s a good scout. JD because he deals a lot of damage. Fahz because I like sniping. And JACK because of his uniqueness. Other characters I might go for are Lizzie, COG Soldier, Emile, and Mac.

For Escape, my go to characters are Keegan, Mac, Cole, Lizzie, and COG Gear. Keegan for his ability. It comes in real handy during Ammo Starvation Mutators. Mac because of his Bloodied Boltok ability and how much it can carry. Plus, he’s a funny guy. Cole because, again, he’s a beast. Lizzie for her Silverback. And COG Gear for their ability.

Jack cause most ppl are borderline-useless as Jack.

Lahni for peak unga bunga. She’s an absolute beast if played correctly.

Nowadays: Clayton and Cole
Sometimes: Fahz and Vermelo

According to my stats I’ve been playing most as JD in Horde, and Mac in Escape.

I quite like playing as Mac. I often find I can’t trust team mates to be hitting active reloads and landing regular headshots so I often end up doing this. Or amongst my friends this job falls to me as they are better at other roles.

But generally I’m a flexible player and am happy to play all characters. All of mine are level 18 with all cards at level 4-5 for the GOW characters (and a couple of level 3 cards for non-GOW characters).


Cole - absolute machine and extremely fun


Kait - when stimmed, destroys, also extremely fun

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For Horde, it would be Kait, Fahz and rarely Lizzie(only if I feel like it, which isn’t so often since she is somewhat restricted for the damage dealing options while not using the Silverback). Used to play JD but quickly got tired of how utterly mindless it is to play as him. Just wasn’t fun.

In Escape, Cole, Lizzie, Lahni. Keegan and Mac are ok too but I just haven’t really found much interest to use them in the mode recently.

For power:
Kait or JD in Horde
Lizzie or Cole in Escape

For Fun and Cool Factor I like:
Cog gear - sticking helpful headshots
Keegan - comboing with a JD that’s running Confirmed kill to drop artillery strikes 3x per wave
Clayton - Because instead of getting annoyed about the damn Elite drones I can just say “Come on! shoot me like you mean it” and then curb stomp them

I keep wanting to run Marcus, and in fact I want to run Marcus in cover next to a Cog that’s running helpful headshots. Maybe tonight is my night xD

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Clay has always been my favorite character even though they’ve completed ruined his cards and skills.

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Horde: Kait and Lizzie
Escape: Emile and Lizzie

Clayton Carmine for his banter without question. He is hilarious. Fahz also has comedy value but most of the others are just dull. Part of gears 4’s excellence was it vast character diversity. Dizzy and Griffin were pure class. Sarah Connor? Emile? etc…no thanks. I don’t like Mac or Keegan either. He would be much better if he looked like Kevin Keegan for sure. With or without the football kit but definitely with that unforgettable hair.


Preferred Character… Or Characters. The title says Character, yet you mention multiple. Not to nit pick or anything, is it Character or Characters.
And, if it were Character, who is your Preferred Character, choosing just the one mind.

For me it is Baird, always has been, always will be. I love building, the Engineer suits me perfectly.
And, may i suggest you add a Preferred Character and a Non Preferred Character, for me a Non Preferred Character would be Del. I hate id whiney whining voice. Just plain and simple hate him. I prefer Jack over Del, and i find Jack borrring.

When playing horde, I’m a Marcus player. He can buy a retro lancer, which with his ultimate is incredibly powerful. On rounds his ultimate is cooling off, he is the premier tri shot gunner because he gets a skill giving him half damage while in cover (dug in) and another skill that nearly doubles its damage when you are taking damage (last ditch)

In escape I’ll play Keegan, Mac, Emile, or Marcus depending on who fits the hive. Those are the 4 characters I got to lvl 18 with and decided not play anyone else

In horde : Fazh for sniper skills, and JD for destruction of bosses… Baird if need engineer.

In escape : Mac and Baird for Boltok. And perhaps Emile for knife bleeding…

Last days, Marcus is become cool in the both modes…

Let’s revive this topic because the new Horde and Escape characters! And because of the changes thanks to OP4.

Horde and Escape: COG, JD, Clayton
But maybe I will stop using JD when I reach Level 18. :thinking:

Horde: Kait And Lizzie.

Escape: Kait and Lizzie

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Whatever character is more fun to play.

Otherwise, whatever character is needed.

Top 5, in no particular order:

Honorable mentions to Del and Lahni.