Who is your favourite support class that you like to play in horde/escape?

I’m specifically speaking to a class that gives players damage resistance, stim or heals you.

I’ll start off with mine.

combat medic - Gives stims to players, heals players and gives a nice extra juicy 32% damage resistance & force healing from overdoing it card - something that cqc class won’t mind having.

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Combat Medic/Gunner

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Def combat medic.

But only when I know my team can carry me lol.

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I know it’s technically not, but I specifically try to play it in a way where I can keep my shield up essentially the whole wave, taking shots and giving everyone on the team stim in the process. If things go bad, I just pick people up with that shield up. I can output pretty good damage as well, but I pick it over Marksman because of those support traits.


Good choices :+1:

I think gunner has to be my favourite in boss rush though.

Honestly, I still haven’t tried that healing bounty card for combat medic. Some of my friends have mixed opinions.


On the very rare occasion I play to support, not counting RE engineering or stun abilities, I’d say Jack. Just follow a CQC class or a chaingun-Gunner for example, and just pretend I’m a Bastion. Even better if I hijack one lol. But that is hard to plan.


Gunner’s cards for boss rush win games more than I’ll ever know since his support doesn’t really come up in the stat sheet. I know in many cases team resist saves games. Excellent class, one of the few classes where every single card is useful.


Really good for saving people from chicken vomiting on everyone.


I was also going to say that tactician is another good option for being a supportive class to.

The healing module with 63% damage resistance is very handy for the team to and add the amplifier card to so players don’t have to stick together like a glue lol.

The recharge bounty also is damn good card to.

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That card is so good especially for custom escape if you have a tact, demo and gunner on some of these harder maps and all 3 need to fire during ultimate that default circle is too small and if a dropshot comes toward you have to go out of the circle and not get ammo.



The frontal barrier coupled with a few cards like Harness Energy, Barrier Boost, and Barrier Batteries make it almost impenetrable. Stim has no limit in terms of distance (unlike the Medic’s Helpful Headshots which is 10 metres), it lasts long and has the joint fastest recharge time so you can easily use it once per wave - sometimes even more. Plus it buffs team mate’s ballistic shots fired through it.

It makes me sad when I see players NOT use the Barrier much at all. They almost treat it as a “smash-glass-in-emergency” tool but the fast recharge and other benefits mean that it can and should be used as often as possible.


Anchor has literally all-in-one by just leveling the Ammo regen perk to about level 5.
Unlimited ammo (sort of), not relying on fortifications (especially not lockers), providing Stim to team, applying heavy DPS to anything with pretty much any weapon. Starts out with the most favorable weapon (Boltok) and doesn’t necessarily even need anything else than that. Pretty crazy allrounder class.
Even sort of has a weird CQC possibility.


Agree Anchor is a very solid pick especially when playing with randoms both for escape and horde.
When you know exactly the team I hesitate with a stunning build gunner (in boss rush mainly)
With the current daily mods (heads up and boost head shot damage) a CM was probably the best choice.


The following comments relate specifically to Horde:
Choosing from the support section (excluding Jack whom I’ve to properly have experience with) it has to be Combat Medic. I enjoyed Mechanic/Robotics Expert for the Engineering at the time and currently Tactician (levelling it up) for the crazy damage but the experience I had levelling Combat Medic was much more enjoyable than them.
This is mostly due to Engineering eventually being somewhat tedious for me and Tactician being what I consider an easy class.

  • Gaining stim through headshots for yourself and others.
  • Helping players by killing close enemies which is very useful in battle.
  • Decent damage resistance, critical hit damage perk which is great with a Longshot.
  • Great ultimate which has bonus survivability perks for those it helps.

There’s probably more but that’s off the top of my head. It’s good to be able to do damage while actively assisting others.

9 times out of 10 I would always rather play an Assault class, since randoms are unreliable, but there you have it.


Combat Medic is my fav class. Smoothen things up so much for the team IMO. Even tho it sucks at offense it really excels at everything else.

Combat medic is tank! Headshot stims, + dmg resistance cards + health perk makes you hard to take down. I can facetank boomshots till like wave 40. Being this tank takes the heat off my fragile team mates. Plus if my team mates are near, the stim I provide can really make a difference.

Revive ult is a really nice safety switch, ether to help in complete chaos or to revive that rogue class on the other side of the map. The bonus on revive cards really makes a difference too for survivability. I also love the team repair. Not only it makes the engy’s job easier, but you can help a lot with max barriers or decoys. If you make sure to ult every round, you can easily maintain decoys all over the map for the engy.

Another thing I love from the medic, he rocks the first 10 waves. His 30% bonus to assault rifles, or/and if you add the lancer card enables you to dish out really decent damage without a locker. Add to that the fact you can tank a lot and you’re really usefull. It helps kickstart the game at a time when classes relying on lockers have a hard time.

I most of the time use the Trishot. I wait till wave 16, and if it did not drop I’ll start buying them. Trishot really helps to get my ult fast and to dish headshots easily constantly.

Like some said tho, you kinda need a good team cause you can’t carry on your own. Altho you can dominate headshot dailys easy.


That’s why I pick it basically any time I’m in a random lobby and don’t trust that things will go smoothly. Anchor can make them go smoothly. Lol.

A bit touchy with the today mods … a TB gunner was for me the good one support class today. I had 3 frenzy games with randoms and only one win (host installed in the church lol). Finished with 27 revives and only played with a TB and boom shot.
Stunning enemies while they are bleeding is so good and you stay immune even if they are reflecting. No need to switch weapon.
Wave 12 in the middle of the church one ultimate to shred the kestrel.
This class is fantastic with the today daily mods (kind of no brain …)

Tactician is brilliant

Special mention to the combat medic, my first level 20 class and was fun as hell.

Currently, my favorite support class is the tactician. Play style-wise, I tend to lean into aggressive CQC. Started as a striker main, then alllll the melee/execution classes. In most cases, any class can be played with a CQC mentality (some better than others).
If you actually read the class description it states that it’s a class that shows leadership by marking targets and blah blah blah. Anyway, I always played tactician kinda hybrid with okay results, but really needed to reevaluate my skill loadout. I kinda pride myself in “making crappy builds work” haha, so I went all in on making a TRUE support tactician.
Cards I’m running are disciplined (pretty much my only self helping card), grenade pouch (flashes 99.9% of the time), interrogation, cooperation, and recharge bounty. Interrogation helps more than “just for spotter demos” as it can help each different DPS class better prioritize targets and situations. CQC classes like BM or infiltrator will know what’s around the corner or whether to circle back around. Sluggers that are gonna spam will at least see that juicy mob versus the one shock tracker. Demos/pilots/etc will see where the groupings are for maximum effect with boomdropGLs. Snipers will pinpoint where the real threats are….
What really made it not a waste of time though is cooperation card because before I put that card in, the marks would expire before enemies were eliminated…. Which also helps incentivize the recharge bounty. As soon as I interrogate, ■■■■ melts—— if there’s engineers that are spamming sentries, it helps them too.
Everything just dies, I mean, it all dies anyways…… but when it works, it feels good— it’s just a different support in the game than most of us players are exposed to.

I will say though, it does not go very well on the harder difficulties; but on advanced, I’ll play this support class on most all the daily mods. My favorite ones are the heads up/long range gambit because it guarantees that I’m going to have constant meatshields- imagos and ■■■■ drones. It can get tricky timing the melee combos to not prestomp them and since I play with ransoms exclusively the only other tricky thing is the initial game impression. For example, I don’t perk up explosive resupply at all, and don’t like to just donate to fabricator to start. To mitigate these uncertain starts (for others) I’ll ALWAYS buy 5 barriers first thing (which helps if there’s no engie or the confusion of “where’s our barriers gonna come from”) sometimes even if there is an engie—- that’s typically so the team becomes more aware that I don’t WANT a locker (for me). Sometimes I’ll trust the engineer and deposit all, but then we usually end up with a locker for an anchor and blademaster or you get my drift.

I also drop my boom for lancer - for flushers mostly- or a claw after wave four and grab a boltok (for when I STILL have an active meat shield). I do alright, but I will admit…… running this support tactician gets little fanfare from the team and I have the lowest dps every game…. But you know what’s funny?! My kill counts are always on par, know why? A flash to meat shield does almost no damage. I get booed and “get that trash outta here/you suck/dumbassed” routinely mid/post waves from players that don’t grok what’s happening. But idc because the satisfaction/challenge of implementing all of the game mechanics and know how from being an experienced player have taught me to trust myself.

I wouldn’t recommend this way of playing a tactician to everyone though, but it has quickly become my favorite class simply due to being a breath of fresh air. I already yammered on too much, yet, I could keep making points of how much utility I afford any team make up.