Who is the tankiest class that you like to play in pve?

As the posts says…

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At the moment I’m really enjoying using the Anchor. It’s an under-rated class, and is deceptive in it’s damage potential; and tankiness. It’s also self-sufficient in Horde as it has the ammo regeneration perk, which at about level 7, means you can comfortably get by without ever running out of ammo for the Boltok even if you’re firing at a fairly fast pace.

The Barrier ultimate is on par with the Gunner’s ultimate recharge time so is very fast - most players in Horde will be able to use once per wave - maybe even more, and once activiated nothing is getting through it. Barrier Boost gives you (and team mates further protection) so that stray Boomshots are very unlikely to fly past, hit a wall behind you and the AOE downs you. The only things that can realistically get you are Dropshots and melee attacks up close. It also buffs team mate’s bullets fired through it. Side-note, it also buffs sentry fortifications firing through it too. An Anchor synergises quite well with a sentry as the Anchor’s Barrier will protect the Sentry, while the Sentry firing through the Barrier gets an extra buff too.

Coupled with a few barrier fortifications, if you use the Barrier ultimate at the right times with either the Barrier Batteries card; and/or the Barrier Feedback card, you can prolong the Barrier for most of the wave.

Harness Energy also gives stim to all team mates regardless of where they are as long as enemy bullets are hitting your Barrier. Compared to other team-stim cards, the range is unlimited (compared to say, Veteran which requires team mates to be on the wall near you; or Combat Medic’s Helpful Headshots which has a range of 10 metres or something.

And a now that Execution Rules is no longer a standard Horde mutator, Bloody Shot allows you to easily bleed Drone enemies out from longer ranges and you don’t need to think about landing headshots to outright kill them; and Bullet Chain can give you some nice extra punch as well.

The Barrier basically allows you to single-handedly hold an approach all by yourself with a handful of Barrier fortifications to slow the enemy down. As nothing is getting through the Barrier ultimate, you can easily hold your ground - no need to treat the Barrier as an emergency defensive tool - you can easily stand your ground and outlast enemies. The short recharge time means it should ideally be treated as an integral part of the Anchor’s playstyle. Don’t be afraid to use it, and don’t worry too much about saving it for tough situations - just activate it as soon as the first group of enemies approach and blast away. Just keep an eye on the ultimate metre so you’re not caught with your pants down when it runs out!


Anchor is my favourite to. Also, the class doesn’t need locker.

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Anything with stim
Seriously that stim is a BLESSING
Especially on today’s challenge
Architect :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, do any of you use the boltok bandolier card since you’re perking your own ammo up?

In Horde, I use this set-up:

Bloody Shot
Barrier Boost
Harness Energy
Barrier Batteries
Bullet Chain

Boltok Bandolier isn’t needed at all purely because I start upgrading the ammo regeneration perk as soon as possible. I obviously deposit a small portion for the engineer to use, but as I deem the Anchor to be self-sufficient and not needing a weapon locker, then the engineer shouldn’t expect too much power from me. The only time the Bandolier card comes into a bit of use, is the very 1st wave (as you obviously can’t upgrade perks until the intermission after wave 1), but even then it’s a case of placing your shots, and if necessary you can use your Barrier ultimate and turtle your way to an ammo box if necessary, and even then I reckon you’d only need to do this in Frenzy as there’s more enemies. Standard 1-50 Horde only has about 9-10 enemies on wave 1.

And ammo regeneration at level 7 is pretty much enough for me - you don’t really need any higher (unless you’re using other weapons). It allows me to fire the Boltok at a fairly fast pace, my ammo regenerates at a decent pace so by the end of a wave, I have about at worst 50% capacity left, but by the time the next wave starts I’m usually back to full ammo again (based on the default ammo capacity).

I use Bandolier on Escape though. It’s usually helpful to have the extra ammo at the start.


I find it that once you upgrade ammo perk to level 5 it should be okay.

At that point I upgrade other perks…


Level 5 is good to begin with, but I go for a bit more.

Basically the reason is because I purposely waste a bit more ammo than average Anchors. It’s basically to force the active reload timer to reset.

The Boltok’s active reload effects doesn’t last that long, so I often find that by the time I get to the 4th or 5th bullet, the effects have run out and I need to wait for the active reload timer to run its course.

However you can force the reset to happen automatically if you completely empty your weapon and force a reload. So in this instance where I’ve used say, 4 bullets and have 2 left, I just waste the remaining two bullets by firing into a wall, which forces a reload and the active reload timer resets straight away. It saves a bit of time.


I think its BM with all the resistances working at the same time. But only when they are all working at the same time.


Blademaster this, blademaster that… WHY DON’T YOU JUST MARRY HER IF SHE’S SO SPECIAL??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta love seeing drones unable to smack you around once you get all your resistances up and running as Blademaster. Thats the ghost melee I can get behind on.

Been enjoying Striker as of late with the stim, if you play carefully and find moments to slap a drone, you can be pretty tanky as is.


I would if I could


Agree BM is really enjoyable and even if I miss some moves with her. she is really tanky with a mace and with stim near the tap.
Also anchor as well as gunner have their place. They can absorb a lot of damage and are fun to play with.


Id have to say for a tankish role i love the combat medic. Stim is love stim is life. Going toe to toe with most foes isnt a problem as long as you hit crits. Plus the revives on kills is nice and i usually run the repair all fortifications on ult use and will down myself if need be to use it


Gunner, hands down. Nothing beats single handedly killing a swarmak in 20 seconds


Infiltrator is godtier


About to complete a Master solo 1-50 with it which I guess speaks for itself.

There’s other classes that are pretty strong too, Anchor just appears superior out of them all at the moment. Instantly starts out powerful (like Infiltrator), doesn’t require a locker, can take down any boss on its own, provides Stim for everybody on the field, has partial temporary invulnerability,… all of that with a single weapon, yet you can increase the damage of almost any weapon up to 350% with that class.

And it’s not as annoying as an explosive spamming Tac for instance.


Anchor for Sure.

The Highest Stability to its Survival is literally Dominate Every Single Class.

While Infiltrator isn’t a tank ,I feel like a tank with this class. Running around Gnashering , and executing, you can rack up A LOT of kills with this class.

I have him up to level 16 and have been dominating with it. It’s really 2 things.: Gnasher and Cloaked Executions.

Here’s my build:

Chain - When I activate my UA , I can run around and execute enemies while cloaked. Each execution nets me 4.5 seconds (I think ) of additional cloaking time at level 5. So I can literally run around and execute 8-10 drones, palace guards, grenadiers, cyclops etc. You can keep it going as long as you can find targets. This works even better if you have built up your movement speed perk. When you’re about to run out of cloak time, run up to a Scion or anything nearby and blast him with the Gnasher. You get 10x damage which gives you an insta-kill on most enemies or at least knocks out 80-90% of health of Scion.

Cloak Batteries- 60% extra cloak time, really helps with getting those long chains of executions.

Reaper - Gnasher kills give you 50% stem at level 6 which lets you get close and personal with the Gnasher on a lot of tough drones. As long as you’re hitting your Gnasher shots you’re getting stim protection.

Laceration - Close ranger shotgun hits give bleeding damage for 110%

Blood Resonance - Bleeding enemies take more damage . I can’t remember what it is at level 5. Maybe 140% ? Combined with Laceration, you can get close to most enemies and get quick shotty kills.


The tankiness of the Infiltrator comes from using the Stim Batteries; and Enhanced Stim cards (plus Reaper; Laceration; and Blood Resonance). You have no cloak buffs, but this combination allows you to tank a fair amount as long as you’re getting shotgun and shotgun bleed kills. Enhanced Stim gives you up to 60% damage resistance when you have stim, so any stim you have lasts longer, while Batteries obvious gives you much more stim capacity (I think up to 230% extra).