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Who is the oldest gears player in the community?

(Helz) #61

I’m 33 and been playing since gears 2

(hobbo77) #62
  1. Gears has been my go to game since Gears 1. Reactions are a little slower now, though that might be down to usually having a :beer: or :tumbler_glass: on the go while playing

(therodt) #63

I’m 50. Yo

(therodt) #64

Bruh I’m older


Any retired/casual gamers please add me to your friends list. Looking to build for the next wave!

(capprix) #66

dam dude very nearly my twin, but i’m 52 lol

(Al Bundy 33hero) #67

I’m not nearly the oldest but thought I’d jump in and say “hi”.

42, which feels like I’m lying when I say that because people think I’m a lot younger.
Longtime Gears fan but I only started playing VS in fall 2017 and I did it as a personal challenge to myself. I wasn’t a big gamer (until last year) so my reflexes, knowledge, intuition, was pretty pathetic. I was bronze for at least a couple months, But, I wanted to see if my mind could overcome my skill deficit and if I could think my way past better players.

It’s been a little over a year and I’m about to place Onyx 3 for the first time (5% to go). Got there from Gold 2 in 4 days so I might even get higher who knows. But, I’m not going to get caught up in playing for rank. That’s a black hole and I already exceeded my goal anyway.
I will continue to play because it keeps me mentally sharp and that’s a valuable thing to me going into my 40’s.

(Red rage rob) #68

50 and still playing, reactions definitely slowing but still playing :laughing:

(therodt) #69

Really? Damn that’s Hella old

(jvergoth) #70
  1. Now training my son. He wants to go pro.

(Yoninrod) #71

This thread makes me laugh. I just turned 47. Been playing since Gears 2. But this is not about me. It’s about a friend I play Horde with every week. He is…you ready??

83 years old… His gamertag is acedistress and he plays like he’s 30. His reflexes are spot on. To me this is the coolest thing I’ve experienced by playing this game. 83 years old. So it’s safe to say. You can close the thread now.

(HayMaker304) #72

No no no wait.

What’s his story? How did he come to play gears? How did he start gaming all together?

(GhostofDelta2) #73

How many push ups? How many sit ups? What kind of juice did he drink?

(s1d23) #74

57 Cog Army!

(DeDAgheN) #75
  1. Been playing since the 1st game. It’s the only reason I bought my xbox.

(BigDaddy732) #76

55 Gears is my favorite game. Play with my son in law and his crew when I can and horde when I can find a few who don’t bail 1/4 way in.

(TGLT Clutch) #77

How long do you people who are 50+ play games for on average?

(Al Bundy 33hero) #78

I think I was in a Horde with you a few months ago. I was a random and you guys were all chatting, sharing stories. I was just in there to dial in my sensitivities. I was going off on snipe. Staying quiet.

(BigDaddy732) #79

I’ll do 4-8 hours weekend afternoon /evenings if I can get decent runs in horde; a couple hours some weeknights. Hard to get a rando group that will play past wave 20 lately. I don’t put in the hours the youngsters do and it shows sometimes. Only third re-up.

(WinchesterSpade) #80

I’m 49 and have been playing since I bought the Xbox 1 Ultimate Edition a few years ago. My son is 19 and we have played all of them. Judgement is my favorite Campaign. G.O.W.4 Horde is my favorite to play. I am a little slower than he is but I can still out score him on a good day.