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Who is the oldest gears player in the community?

(VettleGT) #41

38, been playing since 06, gears 1 while stationed in Korea for a year.

We would run ethernet cables through the halls and out the windows in the other people’s room to play each other… Good times!

(Gnashty Damerch) #42

Same right here. Just turned 20 a couple days ago (29th). Been playing since Gears 1 when I was 8… jeez.

I remember basically everything. I love every part of Gears and do everything I can for it

Edit: It’s funny, Horde always sees way older players, versus shows younger

(Night 83FLH) #43

62 been playing since gears 1

(mizzelphug) #44

I’m thinking once people who were eligible for retirement posted the rest of us should have retracted our statements as we are clearly not contenders for being the oldest.

(hotbeatz85) #45

You make a good point but I think people just wanted to reply anyway. This should be the senior thread post I guess 🤷‍♂

(EVIL 0NE) #46

36 and glad to see some old Gear Heads on the forums!

(Doctor Nillo) #47

Yeah, same for me.
Nice to see older gamers in this game.

(Gears Kaios) #48

I’m 19 ahaha I’ve been playing the first gears since i was 7 and the rest, yes even judgment till thid point!

(Fatalist Flames) #49

Much respect to the “older” Gears in here - still young at heart & that’s what matters :beer:

I’m only 33 and have been playing since the start. Can’t believe I was 21 when GoW1 came out.

(HauntedFlows) #50

My friend North is early 60s and plays gears daily. He only chainsaws but he is a riot.

(W4rMunKey) #51

I’m 27 and have been playing since 06’ I can get good games but it feels I have more bad games lately. Everyday I try to improve though lol some of these guy in mlg have a pretty good reaction time and fake outs.

(DougBadArse) #52

Still have the teeth but not the hair. Normally play with my son (aged 10) LeeBadArse, maybe join you one day :slight_smile:

(Stoic Slab) #53

Whoever they are, they can’t be more than 13 years because Gears 1 wasn’t made official until March 2005. :wink:

(Hammer 732) #54

50 here and my wife is 48. We both play together every day we can. Horde only since VS is so messed up.

(Vanda1) #55

sad man could be any of us. I almost got killed a bunch of times ■■■■. I’m surprised I’m still here. I know the guy who used to be ranked #1 in the world assassination passed away from an OD. gears is getting old man. I’m 26 been playing since gears one and going to lans talking crazy since I was a little kid lmao.

(mizzelphug) #56

26! Lol.
I’m only 40. Some dudes in here are 20+ years my senior.

I just hope to be old one day.

(Fang18) #57

My dad isn’t on here but hes 70 and loves this game!

(Extreme Unic0rn) #58

I was 11 when gears 1 hit!! : p

(Bullitt 115) #59

I’m 68

(Duffman GB) #60

That is more like the reply we want, all these young whippersnappers posting their age, some not even shaving!!!

Glad to hear we have some coffindodgers still loving Gears.

I doff my doo-rag to you sir.