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Who is the oldest gears player in the community?


Over 60 LMAO! I will keep playing GOW as long as there is a campaign and horde and VS with AI. I turn off gore but leave the language on because I’m yelling at the same time. Its tough that a lot of games now charge for everything extra. I was a big Fable, Mass Effect, Viva Pinata and COD because of finding goodies but never had to pay extra and spend so much time accumulating “scrap” to get something new. I have been doing daily MS Rewards so I can purchase more stuff! I want to say thanks for having these “events” so that I can get enough Credits, etc. to buy your gear packs!

(Sarlaac FETT) #22

43 years young. Been playing since a few months after gears 1 came out. Sadly my 1st game was Cold Planet cause some doofus talked me into getting it instead of Gears. What a moron! Didn’t play it till April 2007 when I went to my brothers and he had it. Was hooked instantly and played it non stop since.
Even became a collector of Neca gears memorabilia. Have some pretty sweet rare stuff. Since I’m older I can afford to buy some nice gears treasures. Anyways, I digress. My reaction time has become slower but, I’ve learned to change my style and adapt. I’ll still give you a hard time. Most of my games I end up positive. I’ll do things you wouldn’t expect from a younger run of the mill every day player.
NO…I’m not giving any of my secrets away.

(hotbeatz85) #23

You kinda look like Bruce Willis :grin:

(mizzelphug) #24

I’ve played with a few people in their 60’s so they definitely had me beat …which I’m OK with. Being the oldest one at something isn’t a position anyone holds for too long.

(SchizoPsycho74) #25

I started playing the first Gears in 2007 and I was 33 years old. I’m 44 now. I’m the freakin Gears G.O.A.T.


I am always the oldest and don’t know why it would be flagged

(GhostofDelta2) #27

Some people are just jerks (hoping people here are old enough to get the reference).

I’m 30 btw, feel like a spring chicken in here :slight_smile:

(Ree4er Madness) #28

38 here…

(GreatWhiteShark) #29

33 here. Been playing since Gears 1.


LOL - you are just getting ripe!:sunglasses:

(R3VoLv3R 85) #31

33 years young. I vaguely remember playing Gears 1 when I was 21 , how the years have flown.

(DougBadArse) #32

65 at the end of November and still out with the gnasher . . .

(Duffman GB) #33

Stone me, still Gnashering (gun not teeth :wink: )… What a life :slight_smile:

(Oregon Pacifist) #34

Same here!

(crazychainsaws8) #35

20 years old and doing college :smirk::wink:

(Inconceivable92) #36

My age is 26, play, Gears of War in 2006. am italy man.

(Chaotik Element) #37

I had a couple of elders i used to play horde with 2 of them were probably in the early to mid 60s i would say but they were definitely retired so maybe 65+

(BreaklessBiker) #38

33 here. played gears 1 when it came out and after that gears 4. no gaming whatsoever in between.

I stream on twitch time to time

(Vanda1) #39

dude was 57 got shot in his head playing gears 1 this year. his son shot him. we all used to play gears together sometimes. you probably know em.

(mizzelphug) #40

An old friend of mine I used to play Gears with killed himself last year.
He was only pushing 50.

He had some issues with his ex which led up to it, but he left his kids without a father.
Not sure if that’s worse than the guy you know of getting killed by his own kid though. That’s just brutal.