Who is the 3rd playable character in Gears 5?

So we’ve seen the game is 3-player co-op, and since this years E3 I re-watched last years, and it seems like in the 2018’s gameplay it was heavily hinting at 2-player coop like Gears 1-2 with Marcus and Dom. For instance, when when Kait went on her mission she only went with Del, there was no 3rd person so I am assuming TC 's plans changed?

What do you guys think, and who could it be? A new character not yet shown off? Old school character? Faceless COG solider kind of like Halo 3?

Apparently JACK will be playable so presumably for the Kait portion of the campaign it will be Kait, Del and JACK?

For the JD portion, I suppose JD, Marcus and Fahz?

Probably Jack, he has a extra skin in the collector’s edition: (sorry for the low quality)


It’s actually JACK. I really have no idea how they intent to do that. It’s not like it can pick any weapons, so forced to use a stun gun for the entirety of the campaign?

Somebody has to rip the doors, right?


Aye, somebody does. But I’d prefer to chainsaw swarm rather than ripping doors :smile: I can’t imagine many people would want to stick to that role for the whole campaign, but then again we can’t know what JACK can do until we get to see some actual footage.

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Haha, maybe he can shoot/stun enemies or something…

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Slow down with the Hi Res 8K images!!

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everyone saying jack,… crikey I was not expecting that . Get those stuns ready boys

“Jack, rip that door!”

beep bloop beep

High quality gameplay that

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Just cloaked the whole game watching your team bleed out…