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Who is the #1 Smart -____?

(HayMaker304) #149


No problem

Just liked your response. Lol


The game isn’t for everyone. It definitely is one of the hardest difficulties to date. Although, I believe Very Hard is much harder because the jump from hard to VH is intense. You know what you are in for from VH to MN IMO.

(TheDeuterostome) #151

It definitely was frustrating. I love NG, but I had so much trouble just with the first part with no health items and those damn ninjas with the exploding shurikens.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #152

Well I am excited now!


That made me laugh out loud. Thank you sir, and thank you again.

@Aziz_XXCOOLXX Yes!!! Dude! Best pack since the Stalkers!

(mendigo2005) #154

Do you own one of these, #3? (@T0NY_HAYABUSA)


Absolutely not. Not in NJ my man. Too many idiots driving cars here, way too over populated to own one.

(mendigo2005) #156

You’d freak out here (Brazil)

(HayMaker304) #157

Wife and I wanna Vacay there sometime.

And I had a Hayabusa and GSXR1000

(mendigo2005) #158

If you come here, go to the beaches on northeast. Forget Rio (It’s a mess) and Ceará (crime simply took over this one).

Which one was most agressive? I’d bet on the SRAD…

(HayMaker304) #159

That’s for the heads up about where to go. We like Roatan and Belize quite well. We also plan to visit Thailand.

GSXR was def a more aggressive machine but the Hayabusa was def faster but I’m fairly sure that the 1000 would outrun the Busa to around the 140-150mph range.

I’ve had a ton of motorcycles through the years and rode a lot more (worked at a dealership for sometime).

(mendigo2005) #160

My record is 217km/h.

Bike gets too damn light… I need a steering damper to hit the roads

(HayMaker304) #161

I’ve been to a few track days and had race fairings for my gsxr at one point. Rode a few drag bikes and big cubic inch custom Harley’s. Good times. Miss those wilder days. Now just the wife and I out cruising on the RoadGlide acting like old people lol


@GB6_Kazuya looses his #1 Smart ___ award. He hasn’t changed his name to XxXsmart***XxX…
@mendigo2005, you’re next in line

(mendigo2005) #163

You stoned?


Nope. Don’t smoke🤣


Ok, so if @GB6_Kazuya is the #1 Smart-___, who is the #1 ___-Hole?

(mendigo2005) #166

I suggest a guy called @DAVID_THE_CLOWN, who likes to throw sticks into the bonfire (via pm)


Sorry, anyone named David is automatically not a ____-Hole. Truth is truth

(mendigo2005) #168

You missed the little words: unless he’s a clown.