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Who is Marcus Fenix?

Hey guys I’m back with more Story&lore!

So I Would love support because I’m stuck in the house sick so please share this story&lore with friends and grab a snack and drink and enjoy this lore!

So Marcus Fenix is a pendulum war hero He fought the UIR Union of Independent republics when the UIR were not fighting the COG a new creature was made the Locust Horde Marcus tried to save his father, but got a life sentence in prison for 70 years for disobeying orders to save his father Adam Fenix! (Wow that’s like somebody’s whole life!)

Anyways Marcus was broke out of prison thanks to his buddy Dominic Santiago! He was also fighting in the pendulum wars.

So Marcus and Dom had sent down the lightmass bomb A Imulsion Bomb That Went Under The Locust Grounds And Wiped Out The Locust Horde.


So a few months or weeks later the Locust were able to rebuild underground again In Jacinto Later On Dom Reminded Marcus That Because Of His Fathers “Death” He Thought he knew how Dom felt about his wife Maria Santiago later on Marcus And Dom Found Maria But Little Did They Know That Maria Was Tortured. Maria Was In The Hollow for to long that she was turned into something else. Dom Said That He was very Sorry that he didn’t make it in time and put her out in Her own dispair

and killed her by shooting her in the head with his Boltok. Later on Marcus And Dom Found a Lambent Brumak Baird Said That It Was Like A Lambent Wretch But A Bigger Boom :boom: And Cole he Just helped. After Using the Hammer Of Dawn Jacinto Was Flooded And Wiped Out. A Year Later The Lambent Started To fight the COG and Locust So The COG Had 2 Enemies To fight the Lambent And Locust In Act 3 Chapter 3 Dom Made A Choice witch changed the whole series he made a Sacrifice To Save The Rest Of His Squad mate’s but killed himself in the Sacrifice. Marcus tried to get Dom out but Anya said that it was to late and that he died but then he really did die. Dom Was A Nice Guy And If I had a friend like him I would do anything. So Marcus wen’t On looking for his father Chair Prescott Kidnapped him (Marcus Be Like) : Fin Prescott God* him! As Soon as they got to Azura they didin’t know that Adam Had Put Imulsion In His blood Cells and soon after he died. Marcus Found Myrrah still alive and killed her with the knife Dom Gave him. Marcus had taken off his armor after he got out of Azura and Anya Reminded Him That thanks to him and his fathers weapon they finally had a tommorow. (That’s What It said in the wiki!). Anya And Marcus Got Married And Soon Got There Son JD. So I’ll Make a PART 2 for this and thank you guys for the support Have A Great day!

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Who is Marcus Fenix? Obviously he’s James Dominic Fenix’s father

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Sounds about right

As a proud Grammar Nazi, I am currently chewing my own face off at the moment due to the inconsistent use of capitalisation.


Hm I don’t remember this much capitalization

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It’s the lack of indentation that hurts me more.

I’m absolutely serious if I say there should be some proper and serious rules involving grammar and interpunction on these forums. There was just some other guy who’s whole opening post consisted of a single sentence. ONE SINGLE SENTENCE!


Do you want others to invest time in reading your posts? Please put some more efford into writing your stories. It’ll only take a few more minutes and people will actually focus on the content of your post.

Not trying to sound like an e-hole, and clearly you have the best intentions and are a big fan of the franchise like all of us, but it is what it is. :slight_smile:

I like your point but what really made me laugh and like this was the fact you changed it to E-Hole I gotta use that from now on like really thats a good one.

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Triple Entendre cuz it’s Gears term too.

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Lots of lacking information in this whole post yeah?.
Such as the disobeying in the pendulum wars not the locust war if I am correct?

(I think I need some Clayton Brand Bacon after reading that whole post)

I’ll do you one better, Why is Marcus Fenix?

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I will do you an even better one.

Why is Adam Fenix make Marcus Fenix?

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Why Adam Fenix make Marcus Fenix? Because Adam Fenix want son

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But what if Adam Fenix wanted to turn his genitalia into a Hammer of Dawn targeting system instead of making son he keep being science man man


Can you space it out and make some paragraphs maybe then i’ll be able to read it.

@Chaotik_Element for your reading delights…

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You are a hero I mean not only did you read through it like a few but you took the time to fix it thats an Embry star from The Coalition of Ordered Governments

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Don’t give me too much credit, my man. I didn’t actually read it lol, I just scanned and line breaked.

I’ve never played a gears campaign so this story wouldn’t make sense to me anyway lol.

Dude You Saw The First Part Of Gears Of War 3 Marcus Was Fighting The Locust And He Disobeyed Orders To Save Him!

That was technically a dream sequence so wasn’t an accurate representation of the events, but yes you’re right - Marcus deserting his unit happened after E-Day so humanity were already at war with the Locust when this happened.

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