Who is johnny ? what is Support Gamers Outreach?

So I don’t buy anything in the gears 5 store, but I pop in and check it out to see if something one day, will peak my interest enough to grab my wallet, so far nothing has, Now I’m looking at this It’s Johnny cog skin character…its for charity?

TC needs to hop over to the blizzard overwatch guys because they know how to throw a charity event, Back I think it was last year, they did a whole breast cancer charity event and damn did it pop off, they made it front and center and it generated a lot of money. People felt great they donated to help out and they not only got a great character skin for an established character but other in-game goodies too…

who is Johnny? what is Support Gamers Outreach? This cog skin just looks like an onxy guard at the office during throw back thursday with those 90s pants.

I haven’t been seeing anyone in my games with the skin, so have people not been donating?
I feel like this event could have gone better if they had marketed it more.

so is this donation worth it? should I donate? have you donated?

If I’m being honest @RandmPigGrenade, TC should of done something people would like to see return with a charity skin instead of the nobody “Johnny Cog”.

It would be very cool if they brought Anya into gears 5 and gave her a charity skin that has nice shirt or something that says “SGO” on the back, like a hoodie that Cait got for the Esports promotion thing or whatever it was.

Oh and SGO is probably a COVID-19 thing because TC are having problems reaching us?

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I’d better smack myself in the morning for that stunt I pulled off.

@Nineteenth_Hour, can you remind me to smack myself in the morning in case I forget?

No. I’m busy enough as it is.


well thats cool and all, but I still feel they could have been more up front about it…Then again I’m sure it’s not the only charity that has taken a toll with the recent Covid-19 virus up and about.

I know its putting people in an unknown state kind of way…