Who is honestly liking the FFA mode?

I just can’t wrap my head around FFA. I just don’t like it let alone MP altogether for Gears. I feel that I get killed with one shot most of the time while I am not close enough to the other player. Does the breaker mace give you a shield so you can’t be killed with one shot? Seems it happens to me a lot when I point blank someone using it. What exactly counts as a kill in FFA as well? Sometimes I get the kill when someone else downs a player and sometimes I don’t. Is there a certain parameter for it? I do try to like MP but man, it’s just not worth getting angry or breaking a controller over. Few more kills for that damn Krampus skin and thank god…


I really really hate FFA. No place in GOW for this.

My rationale is simply that GOW has always been a team based cooperative squad game. Wingman? That’s the absolutely limit of what works in my opinion.


I don’t like it. I have been playing it a bit due to the free skin. But I’m on about 80 kills (average 15 kills a match it would seem). I won’t use the bloody thing anyway, so why bother.

It makes me rage a LOT, albeit to myself.

I’m trying not to care about free skins and TOD. It is amazingly how we want things because they are there and not because we want them

I tend to stick to one or two characters at any rate and as yet the Black phantom skins have not been bettered. I’m fairness overall the weapon skins are better than 4’s. At least no sugar or wood ones as yet!


Haha! I know right? It’s weird that so many people have that almost completionist streak about them where they want these skins just because.

I was the same in GOW4. I never used most of the weapon skins and mostly stuck with the same characters as well. I might have used many of the characters only once or twice just to see what they’re like in-game.

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It’s kinda a simple and easy mode tbh, I don’t really see the challenge in it yet as it doesn’t seem to match on skill.

The maps are good but shame they only in FFA.

I do think it’s weapon overload though.

I don’t bother to pick up much and pretty much Gnashers the whole time.

Would definitely prefer Wingman.

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I just got the Krampus skin now so I am officially done with FFA .


Cant say Im a fan of FFA. I got the Krampus skin fairly quickly, been just shy of first place here and there but I wont be going back to it ever again, unless they make some fun version of it where everyone is running around with the same power weapon (ie, Boomshot).
The mode made me rage on so many occasions, Im sure my neighbors thought I was murdering someone. Theres always that 1 person that cant be killed and their accuracy is far too good.


I wouldn’t have minded it if it were in a better Gears.


You and me both mate, I would have not enjoyed listening to me swearing my nut off :wink:


I actually enjoy it now. Hated it at first. Took a while to figure the maps out. It’s not a ranked mode and shouldn’t be. A lot of the kills are just luck of the spawn system. It’s kind of a fun way to pop in and play for a little while without being sweaty. You can’t take the game mode seriously. It’s just wild fun for those who like quick carnage.


I’m indifferent tbh. It’s best to be played at very small doses, as it gets boring really quickly. Plus, it’s flawed imo with all them power weapons, particularly the mace. Should have just made it with starting weapons.


Gnasher only would be a sweet way to go.


Oh absolutely, that would be my preference, but we’ve got people here who love the lancer, so I figure throw them a bone and let’s have the mode full loadout instead. :yum:


No flash bangs though.


That goes without saying lol.

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It’s batshet crazy and I love it tbh.

There’s always fun, even if there’s room to get angry when stupid things happen.


But ngl, nothing fires me up more than when I finally accept using the Gnasher because it’s the best method of murder, then some guy I spawned next to whips out his Lancer and either feeds me the whole mag or saws my freshly spawned ■■■ cheeks into ham slices.

It’s a minor, rare salt bait, but it’s really not a problem when they realize there’s like an entire lobby of people they have to watch for.

I can’t say much though. When I get salty, I start playing salty lol. Which usually means I’m going to set aside my Gnasher and chainsaw some unsuspecting guy who managed to somehow push my button lol.

Personally, I have yet to see people use the lancer much on FFA, and I’ve played(and won :blush:) a decent amount of matches. But I get your point.

Like I said, would much prefer a gnasher only FFA, but we’ve got to consider there are people with different playstyles out there.

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I can see where a lot of people are coming from about the mace, it is a HUGE pain in the rear, I wont lie Ive gotten my hands on it a couple times after raging. But at the same time Ive managed to kill a mace user a handful of times, where a lot of players are saying it near impossible due to the health boost glitch or whatever is attached to it.

I think you need to step into some of the matches Ive been in. Lancers all over the place, mixed in with chainsaws around corners.

…i don’t always use corners :wink: