Who is going to be the new carmine

Who is going to be the new carmine in gears of war 5 and is he/she going to die in gears 5?

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No one knows, you will have to wait to find out closer to the time.

There will most likely be a Carmine as there has been a Carmine or reference to a Carmine in every Gears game but whether he will be important to the Gears 5 storyline is Unlikely as Clayton was an exception as Fans literally had to pay to keep him alive Via the T shirts

I’m hoping for a female Carmine with a brand new helmet.


I hope there is no Carmine in Gears 5…I don’t know why people have a fascination with the Carmines

Been every main Gears game it’s just tradition.

It will be a female. :joy: TC will not be able to help themselves.


why not a female?

Agreed it should be a female I’m pretty sure they could figure out how to make them badass.

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There’s problem with there being female one, but I feel like it won’t be, we will have to see. My prediction is that we will see Clayton running his company alongside D carmine, idk lol.

Why are we wondering who the new Carmine is when we barely got anything about who the foo Gary was other than he went to combat school with Kait under Papi Luchador.

To be fair, Gary’s arms appear to be equal in size to Kaits, if that doesn’t mean nothing at all.

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le’ts say that baird is gonna be the new one. he seems old now and i think it’s time.

If they do she can’t die because it was shocking that she is a Carmine

Please god no! :cry: Anyone but Baird.

The new Carmine will die. Thats what I can say about this topic. Lmao

It’ll be a he. Betting on it.
Since it was never wrapped up–anyone else wanna see a rugged Clayton? Wearing his old G3 armor with a sleeveless leather fur jacket over the top? Just me? he can come in and be a badass again Then when we’re introduced to the new Swarm “general” he’ll get a heroic death, probably saving a flock of orphans while riding on a Mule with a Vulcan over his shoulder. Then he can ramp off an old COG Rig we saw in G2 at Landown, since we’re going to be near Mount Kadar. He can ramp off, do a backflip. Then when Carmine luck kicks in, he’ll slip off the motorbike and fall to his death. Agreed?


More than likey E or H Carmine. And yes they will die because Rod Fergusson is in charge.

There were none present in the story in Judgment.

Why though? Any particular reason?

Because Kait being the main character wasn’t enough…get woke go broke all over again lol :laughing: