Who here is worried about Character class separation with Op5

I am most likely in the minority here, but I love the character class system, and like that currently the classes are tailored to specific characters. I feel that when they de-couple characters and classes, a lot of the uniqueness will disappear, and it will also be more confusing. You won’t be able tell just by looking at the character what class they are playing as, and in some cases the classes won’t make sense for the characters. Kait, running around with sparks behind her, uppercutting all the juvies to death? Cole playing as a sniper, shooting everything from across the map? Etc

I am praying that TC has really done a lot of work in the area of making it immediately clear which classes are in play, and ideally would love to see what cards and card levels are in use by each player too. If the functionality is spot on and it doesn’t make the experience harder to co ordinate than before, then I can look past the fact that characters wont suit their classes. But it is possible that Op 5 upsets a lot of people because things will be a complete mess.

So out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on the current system and on what you think will happen when the separation comes?


The current system needs to go, theres no arguement about that. First of all, Kait is described as being a long range fighter but in horde she’s running around with a shot gun? And knifing Swarm? Even in the campaign before you take control of her she brands a longshot.

Gears of war was never meant to be an overwatch type shooter. Most of the heroes introduced never had a specific trait associated with them they are all just regular soldiers. The ultimates are welcome they make this game mode even more fun but TC isn’t going to restrict content for everybody else just for horde players.


It can’t happen soon enough.


Would you agree that it is essential for improvements to be made in order for us to identify roles and levels? I guess it will be like Gears 4’s horde system. But that sucked because you still couldn’t tell what setups each class were running.


There was nothing in G4 yet anyone could clearly tell the other classes in play.

I can only hope OP5 is not delayed so I can add Horde to my playlists.


The reason they are decoupling characters from classes is because they underestimated how attached to characters fans are… Not only does this feel very restrictive (because if you like to play a certain way but it doesn’t suit your favorite character then you are out of luck) but it makes balancing much of a pain because any nerfs that are done to specific characters are taken personally by folks that love that character.

I’m not too worried about the seperating class from characters, I more worried about them allowing duplicate classes, really really hard to balance and hurts spirit of the mode more than anything I feel.


People will complain about the change, as usual, for a month or two. Almost everyone will get over it and move on.

The character lock system was phony. The ONLY positive from it that I see is that it makes it easier for some people to tell who’s what. But there are simple ways to solve that problem even for newcomers. (Display a graphic or word above teammates heads for example) So there really isn’t a good reason for it in my opinion.

I’ve gotten used to it. But it’s not worth it. Unlock the classes and let us play who we want. That’s how it was in G4. It’ll be great. I see way more positives from unlocking than I do otherwise.

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Since they apparently keep all classes with their assigned cards I’m not too worried anymore since it’ll be almost the same thing.


The mode has been improving dramatically. I would like to have faith that the devs are trying to find a way to deliver a solid experience. I am sure all of this is being considered.

I suppose I am in the minority here but I like the character class system. when it came out I wasn’t too impressed because TC were like oh we will add 1 or 2 new classes every operation instead of giving us a few to choose from the get go. Sure we had 5 from the get go but the wait for another class was just straight up stupid as far as I am concerned. It took a while because reasons but the class system has improved in choice and adds a real role play experience to Horde and escape that I actually like.

Decoupling the classes is just a paint job and nothing more. Horde needs more than just a paint job. It needs new enemies, it needs to keep you on your toes with surprises instead of the current build which allows all of us to predict exactly what enemies are in the next 10 waves and what boss is going to spawn.

I reckon its going to be a mess, theres going to be a new meta for everyone to complain about and a new character for the cummunity to call on to be nerfed yet again. I do not have high hopes for OP 5.




Not me.

I don’t think that’s a real problem. The amount of bugs that will come with it is concerning. Knowing that TC will screw this up.


Isn’t that intentional though?

Also Locust :pleading_face:

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I really like the class system, i don’t mind the being any character to any class but the duplicate class thing might end up being a mess.

I hope they plan on releasing new classes with unique abilities.


We had that with Anything Goes and Horde Frenzy/Mania in Gears 4. It’s like they completely forgot how people complained how standard Horde was much too predictable in that game.

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Yeah I can’t wait to have 5 Kait’s all running around with different classes and never knowing who’s fulfilling each role, or which ****head to kick because they keep stealing sniper Kait’s Longshot off the weapons rack.

It’s going to be a mess, but apparently people are more attached to their “paint jobs” than they are in having a solid experience.


I like having both, and I will be with Op 5.
And personally if someone’s playing the same skin as me, I tend to change. I like a variety of voices.

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And we had it in Gears 2 as well, although you can forgive that as it was the first iteration.

Incredible that 12 years on there are still complaints about the very same thing.

I imagine it is probably quite complex, and simpler to keep it in patterns, but in the enemies department it has felt like we have gone backwards from Gears 3.

This is why I don’t, and could never, understand this decoupling characters. All these same characters running around, trying to figure out which character is who, mid-match.

Why even hero class Paduk, if all you’re going to do is decouple him? But, my guess is that their are hardcore Gears fans out there that demand change instead of adaptability.

I’m a huge fan of this hero system, and like it this way. It works perfectly for Escape. Definitely gonna miss having it.