Who has the highest Ally Points?

I’m just curious if anybody has more Ally-points then us?


I’m only like level 6 or 7 with my friends

I’ll get there one day l

I think I’m level 9 with one person.

I’m curious what @Madokon is with his team.

One word describes this: Damn.

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Me and @Aloha_its_Kyle will make it there one day.


hurry up you lazy sons :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

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And I thought being at Allies level 9 with someone was decent progress at the system. I don’t remember the exact number towards level 10 off the top of my head.

The grind :athletic_shoe: never :-1: stops :stop_sign: we :two_hearts: will :arrow_up: rise :top: and achieve :briefcase:


If i remeber right it’s 27150 Points for Level 10

I was about to suggest you with someone. :sweat_smile: Maybe ask Minimax if he has high ally points with someone?

20,000 from level 9 to 10 alone.

Level 0-1 is 25 points, 1-2 is 125. The fact that I’m even around level 9 and possibly halfway to 10 speaks to some of my playtime, albeit I never got to 5 all the way prior to this change.

Can’t help but feel 15% for having played with someone that much is a bit lousy, not that I need any XP right now with the Reup changes.

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oh yeah right 27150 was before higher lvls (6-10) were introduced.


Not quite as high as yours.


Nice but uhm, where are the ally points tho :joy:

just hit 200,000 ally points with my good friend @WickedlyInocent. I met her a few months after the game came out.

Here’s the total :
36c4240c-c6b5-451d-a04c-555dd69446c6 (1)

Here’s all the actual points, (99% of the versus is actual versus and not AI bots. When Gridiron first came out in OP3 we and few other friends played that every single day for like 2 weeks) :