Who has been the best (or worst) political leader of the coalition of ordered governments

Judging the actions and decisions they have had, who do they think have been the best and the worst political leaders, whether chairman or first minister, who has had the cog

considering points like

~what decisions and actions they have made that have benefited their citizens

~which direct decisions or actions have been most detrimental to its citizens

~which indirect decisions or actions have been more detrimental to its citizens

basically, who has done more beneficial acts, who has done more harmful acts and who has directed the cog better, and failing that also who has directed it worse

as not much is known about some political figures such as nassar embry or david prescott, nor about their decisions during their leadership, the characters to be considered are

~Chairman Monroe

~Chairman Thomas Dalyell

~Chairman Richard Prescott

~First Minister Anya Stroud

~First Minister Mina Jinn

I want to read the new book and wait for Gears 6 to get more knowledge about Anya and Jinn, but for now Prescott won as the worst leader.

He knew about New Hope
He just send Gears to die in Hollow Storm
He had Azura
And the thing he did on Tactics (No more detail because spoilers)

As far as I’m concerned? So far, Jinn.

Not only is she running the COG in a borderline fascist way(and it is even seen as such by the Outsiders), when there was no need to do such during a time of peace(before the Swarm showed their ugly faces), but legitimate claims criticizing that promises to treat Settlement 2 as a more independent city of its own rather than an extension of New Ephyra were not kept are viewed as “seditious”, and she has asserted herself full control over the military or attempted to do so anyway, but is horribly incompetent as a military leader and doesn’t understand what it takes to beat the Swarm, if that is even possible, and has probably cost more human lives or is putting everyone at greater risk through misguided attempts to save them, such as insisting on DBs as the main military force while they are hopelessly inept at fighting the Swarm most of the time, especially without any human backup.

Think of Prescott and his actions what you want, but for some of them. like the Hammer strikes, he had his reasons. Not too sure what to make of Azura or Sanctum, though…

The others, I don’t know enough about to make any accurate statements but at least Monroe(it was Monroe then, right?) decided to try terminating Niles’ experiments and would have succeeded if it wasn’t for some numbskulls who thought they knew better and resulted in the entire mess caused by the presence of the Locust.

Which every COG leader since New Hope did, and subsequently kept covered up. So how does this make Prescott any worse in that regard when even Anya kept those things a secret?

Because we know what Prescott did with the info.

What if Anya wanted to do something about it and she was murdered? Until the book (or Gears 6) I give Anya the chance to redeem herself about that.

(For me it’s strange that Anya died without a “cinema” in-game. It was an important character, and I don’t think that what we know about how she died is the truth (or the complete truth))

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but Jinn’s seeming lust for power and the fact that she is literally the one behind the fertility program has me suspecting she used it to make an ‘accident’ happen that resulted in Anya’s death. Or it could well be that it was complicated for someone who wasn’t supposed to be able to get children and she knew the risks but I am really not putting it past Jinn to pull something that backhanded.


This. I agree too on this theory.

I still want to see why to put so much effort on the fertility program. Most of humanity was wiped out on the locust war, but still. Something shady is going on

Apparently my post was deleted. Didn’t see nothing wrong with it.

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Just like swearing ingame is fine but not in here, the content you were talking about is not forum appropriate and being in the lore is not an excuse.

This should be incredibly obvious given the nature of what you posted.

You were talking about rapists and asking people to casually discuss forced breeding. There is no way whatsoever that this could be permissible on the forums.

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Im going to close this thread because I can easily see this spilling into more real world political talk or crossing into topics that are clearly not going to be forum appropriate and I don’t want people to have any excuse.