Who has all horde classes lvl20

Congrats on your virginity!

Just kidding. I was close this last exp event but unexpectedly had some work interference that stopped my grind. Just need to finish out a 14 architect and 18 protector.


I got a lot of promos out of the way with Jingle Juvies back in January.

I have three classes on lvl 20. The rest, idc🤷‍♀️

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Architect is fun to level up enjoy

I’m missing the two engineers (Mechanic 18 + RE 19) and three promos (Striker 18 + Slugger 19 + Architect 18)

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I never lose.


Based Leon saving himself for his Asian Waifu.

My classes have been maxed out (Lv20 + all cards at Lv6) for about 6-7 months.

Disagree; but I’m sure it’s fun when you tell everyone that you’re doing so.

Follow up question, those with most characters maxed did you do it the old-fashioned way by playing?

Lots of mine are from clock runs in escape. Actually didn’t find it too crazy boring if you listen to a good podcast or something to take your mind off it. I just don’t like playing classes I don’t like in higher difficulty games and feeling like I’m not contributing as much as I usually do.

I got mine up there mostly by playing during boost events, but I did multiple Clock runs for engineer classes because I simply hate playing engineer with randoms.

I have all classes at level 20 but only a few have all or most cards at level 6. Unsurprisingly, those with the higher leveled skills are the ones I played the most throughout Op 1 to now.

As for how I leveled them, for the most part I got them to level 16 using Clock/Surge(not the CXP only runs, I did want some cards for them too) and occasionally some low to mid difficulty Horde if I didn’t feel bothered to grind anything. After that, I mostly played them the normal way on dailies, particularly those with a CXP reward, but only if they were actually suited for a particular class, and other Hordes. Except for promos which was going to leave for last and only sometimes used Protector on a daily or weekly hive if it was good enough for it, but then Jingle Juvies came with the CXP bonus, and since I still had them left to do I figured I might as well use them there and not bother anyone in non-event Hordes with those classes. I also finished up Jack, Robotics Expert(it was already level 19 and close to completion so figured I might as well) and the Combat Medic there as well.

No, I just enjoy Every Single Class unless I realize that Class is really useless to my Style.

I still have Lv 15 Architect, Lv 19 Striker (Same as Slugger) & Lv 19 Slugger (Maxed Card except Except Gold Card)

Only marksman, infiltrator, veteran, demolitions. Brawler is 19, blade master 18. Oh have striker 18 and medic at 14. Gunner is 14 or 15.

My youngest has started to play a bit so will level up some other classes on the easier difficulties when playing with him.

It was fun
Don’t know why you have to be like that
Oh well

Down to Architect (Level 11) and Slugger (Level 11).
I just do the dailies and weeklies for levelling but I never bring super low level into incon runs or modifiers which nerf them into the ground e,g, 90% less explosive damage. The last exp weekend I did a ton of Overload Insane solo runs as I was levelling two melee classes.

Level 20? Absolutely. Grinding cards to 6? Sort of.

I’ve abused the card grind strategy by tricking the game from a Master game into a Beginner game but mainly only for Nomad (Paduk back in the days).

As soon as scrapping was finally back, I immediately maxed out the rest of the cards.

Mine is all totally maxed out - nothing left for me to do with PVE in terms of grinding. All level 20s; and all with level 6 cards for everyone. been like that for a while now.

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They should’ve had a re up system for horde as well
Maybe unlock a new skin ? Idk

You sir should get something special for your troubles.

Like a beautiful lady…? :smiley:

Heroic bikini Kait skin only for players who have everything maxed.