Who gets the turret kills in Horde

Which player gets the turret kill in Horde at end of each round ?

Is it the player who put the turret out originally ?
the player who last repaired it / filled the ammo ?
The player who did the last upgrade ?
The player who last picked it up / placed it down again ?

Does it change if a player does a recovery from a destroyed “yellow” outline ?

Easy it’s the… uhmm…uh… eh?.. wait… what the… hey! are you trying to mess with my mind?

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I believe it’s the person who originally bought the sentry. If someone else buys the sentry and you upgrade it, then I think you get the kills.


The one who buys or upgrades it gets the kill.

Kills from a destroyed (yellow) sentry? good question, I’m guessing the original rule applies but I’m not sure.

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thanks for the answers and apologies for screwing with OldmanOrsans mind :slight_smile:

Reason I was wondering was played a horde today as Del and we had a Kat-B320 on the team as well … That player was doing one side of the base build and I was doing the other, all good it would seem … they had way more “kills” than me every round and then I noticed at the start of every round they would pop over my side and do an attempt to repair /fill my already fixed and filled turrets and would also every round pick up and place every turret in the same spot again … where as they left their turrets to empty every wave prompting me to then go over their side to fix & fill them

Just a bit bizarre behavior :astonished:

The person who originally purchases the centries gets the kills, but if someone else upgrades them then I think they get the kills, I think it goes the same for barricades,by picking them up and putting them back down I dont think does anything, I think this is just an attempt to see if they are able to upgrade it to get the kills, it’s happened to me, you still get kill stealing in horde, I’ve had people see me go to do an execution and they shoot them while I’m standing right next to the enemy, but all you can really do is make sure to upgrade your centries as soon as it is possible before they get the chance


I buy them for my son. I get the kills until he upgrades it, then he gets all the kills. It works well if you’re playing with friends and / or family, you can take turns getting lots of kills and MvP every wave. It’s a bad design for public if you have selfish team mates imo.

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15000 kills medal
9000 kills medal
I can vouch the sentry i bought did most of the work