Who from the GOW Community should be the next Multiplayer Design Director?

:sweat_smile: Just joking I’m not all that great to be honest :grinning:

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Hey dude,

Good point. Well then you could do it like TF2 then. Where the Pilot (Reg Gear) is what you come in as, but then you have a time meter where you can call in your Titan (Hero Character). It would just switch you to the Hero in that moment. But the Horde Points could work well with Beast Mode with a Battle Front 2 type deal, as it would just work better all around I think.

So hey, you never know. :+1:

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I appreciate the mention, however I must edit one small detail…

Got to add that respect to the original Gears of War!

Anyway, I don’t need to apply myself as we all know I’d be the best damn Multiplayer Designer this Franchise has ever seen!

All you need to know is game would return to it’s dark, glorious roots and far, far away from any kind of pretty little blood sprays or any ridiculously hideous Delivery Drivers. It would also probably end with Queen Myrrah finally getting her well-deserved justice over the evil, unforgiving humans.

I’m also Batman.
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haha that was funny man. Nice post.


It was a spontaneous thought I had. Friend of mine really would like Beast back so I’m sure he’d be satisfied with an objective attacking/defending mode using various Swarm creatures.

Still, having the option to play certain soundtracks while playing Gears in any mode would be nice. I know of at least a few Gears 5 Campaign tracks I’d gladly have running in the background to interrupt the occasional monotony of the gameplay a bit while fighting Swarm(I’d sure find it more engaging to fight a Matriarch with the Campaign theme that plays when fighting it[her] there).
PS I found Gears 4 Horde classes better in almost every regard to 5s system, besides Scout not being a boring power collector any longer. I’m hoping their supposed Operation 3 balance pass mixes things up a little so people stop camping the same restricted easy spots on the same 5-6 maps all the time with your run of the mill Kait/JD/Jack/engi/filler team composition… and actually play more than just Allfathers and Exhibit of the Gears 5 maps.

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Amen Brother.

Lets hope for the best.

Gears 5.

I can’t play any other :joy:

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I know man !! :slight_smile: I just had to add you to the list of nominees , but we all aware of that :slight_smile:

and yes man I know you’re Batman :smile:

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@SHINO_BAZ and @TC_Clown

Both, sharing equal power.

I figure since order hasn’t worked for Gears since… well GoW1, why not fight the chaos with chaos.


Don’t mention it , your guides towards the game really help me a lot on Gears 5 and you been great with me. It was an honor for me mentioning you :slight_smile:

I’d rather you work on a new Ninja Gaiden tbh. Microsoft and Team Ninja need to get to it. Nioh for PlayStation, Ninja Gaiden for Xbox.

Make it happen @philspencer


if you were to choose one @S_IK_O_IR_G_E

which one would you vote @TC_Clown or @SHINO_BAZ ?

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I stand firm in my theory that both need to be in charge. I’m here for entertainment and I can’t imagine anything better than those two trying to build a game together.


I believe they would create a game between Gears of War UE Story and Gears of War 3 gunplay mechanics @S_IK_O_IR_G_E

I would buy the game from them. I mean I really didn’t like the Ryan Cleven’s Gears of War mechanics at all man.

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That honestly would be great lmao. GoW1 is supreme and GoW3, all said and done imo, was better than GoW2, GoWJ GoW4 and GoW5

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I don’t deserve to share power with Shino tbh

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Of course you do you have lots of " Ghost Energy" . @TC_Clown

hey man I hope I find you on the weekend to play some KOTH man . . its been a while :slight_smile:

I’ve been improving with the gnasher hahahahaha :slight_smile:


I have over 20 days of gametime.

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That’s why I figured you don’t play a lot Gears 5 @GhostofDelta2 .

I don’t know how I figured it out , but I did :smile:

Wait, how much do you have?