Who from the GOW Community should be the next Multiplayer Design Director?

Well, who here on the list makes videogames? Maybe we should start there? lmao

Ah, but in which version of gears?
1 or 3? Lets go!
2, 4 or 5? Maybe not so much.

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Tbh I think this was TC’s first misstep


Are you kidding me? Everyone here that has an “idea” or “TC should add this” blah blah blah is well qualified to be a video game designer in one way or another.

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Why you hatin bruh? If @D_A_N_III_3_L added you to the list for whatever reason, would you be cool with it?

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We should help them do better, lest we be doomed to relive these days forever,


I fully endorsed this comment @T0NY_HAYABUSA

Some of the best designers in the game industry doesnt have any clue of programming or IT related curriculum… at this point I rather have someone who has passion towards Gears of War than someone who knows a lot of programming but doesnt have a clue how a GOW game works.

Thanks Tony for your comment :slight_smile:

As long as it has JD, MARCUS, DEL DOM and Jack I think " 6 " will work hahahahaha :smile: I really hope they could title the game as it was original as before: Gears of War.


Good man :wink:

So when do I start on:

G3ARS of WAR 6 aka Gears 3 part II.

I’m doing a retcon, it will take place just as Myrrah ESCAPES. towards the end of 3…:wink:


That would be a dream come true man @Duffman_GB creating a game that feels like Gears of War 3, but with enhanced 4k graphics , sound and feel… with the same original gnasher !! 8 shelled one .

that would be a blast @Duffman_GB , add a horde map editor into it and I think we’re all set.

The answer to the problem that Gears 5 have without a doubt. Not forgetting about " the freedom lancer " that gun must be added , the talon pistol if you scrub it would be ok… I mean almost no one uses it. hahahahha

I vote for nodezero.



Hi @VettleGT

hahahahaha Ryan cleven had his time , I was able to have very intelligent conversations with him, however I haven’t seen any changes on the game of what we talked about before.

I really hope in OP3 things could change.


Thanks for the shout out. I’m the sort of person that can break down faults and give some good “beta” feedback to a team of qualified people to act upon. Computer game design is not my field Dan, i’ll stick with structural and welding as this is way above my station mate!

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Hey man,

Thank you for the kind words. If I was to design only Horde, I would do it at a whole new level. Think Battle Front 2 mixed with Horde.

No more staying in one spot and camping. You gotta move son. With only certain area’s that will open as you progress that will allow you to build. Oh, and you think because the wave ended your safe. I would implement random enemie spawns at any time, No bosses though as that would be stupid.

Instead of this broken Hero system. You would have “Horde Points” (Like Battle Front 2) where you can select 5 different standard COG type classes, like Solider, Medic, Engineer, Heavy, and Officer. The better you do at your role then you can earn Horde Points that will allow you to pick a True Hero Character. (Marcus, Dom, Clayton) No more time limit on anything cool. You get a Hero open to use, pick em-use em till you die.

Horde would become a combination of Escape and Horde where you have more than one objective. You have to move through levels with only certain area’s being defensible. When you get to the extraction, where there is your final stand. And why are you waiting? Because the Chopper is on the way.

So many of these Elements are already in the game (Gears 5). If any one at TC had a brain, they could implement this without much change to the core game-play. As this would be a Horde-Variant only and not the new Meta.

So, there you go. That’s how I would build it.

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I mean I’m a little hurt that you didn’t include me in the original post as someone with years of experience both playing gears and in software development. I used to be very active with the community especially in Gears 3 where I helped forum members complete beast mode on insane. Even on YouTube if you search for “Hammerburst” my video is in the the top 12 results. Come on @D_A_N_III_3_L :cry:

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I’m sorry man @Nineteenth_Hour , I apologize I really didn’t know that man :slight_smile: but Ill take you into account in next posts that I have in mind you can count of that… I’m sorry man my apologies to you :slight_smile:

won’t happen again I promise :slight_smile:

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I actually really like the sound of that. Reminds me of my favorite part of Titanfall, escaping to your ship after getting pounded by the other team lol.

The last part of escape too, but it’s not as intense as TF

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Funny you say that,

as I pulled that straight up from it :slight_smile:


Hi @Hu1k_Daddy

I would be definitely a new kind of horde without a doubt. , that could really work well, Specially the part where you have a mix between scape and horde all in the same package, which it would make it more intense that it is .

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Thanks Bro,

You could do it honestly without a Hero system. But since they have already added so much into it, might as well just change it more to like a Battle Front 2 type deal so they actually feel powerful. It just bothers me, that they call this a new Hero class system and all but 2 characters just feel weak.

But thanks again for your kind words man. I really appreciate it.

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I like the idea as a variant besides taking the BF2 idea of the “hero”(individual) characters being locked behind a certain in-battle contribution in it. Most people didn’t/don’t seem to take the idea of locking characters to a playstyle so I’m not sure if it’d be very well received if it was to work that way. This is a concept they could explore for the Swarm side though. À la Beast(not that I ever did play that - was never a big enough Swarm/Locust fan to want to play as them… humans all the way), but slightly bigger and with the system you propose.

The scale may also be slightly more limited as well. At least it’s not gonna go to things like attacking other starships, or giant battlegrounds on different planets.

Also, when are we getting the option for Gears soundtracks to be played in-game while we’re playing Horde? Or even Escape(it has its own soundtracks but the one that is supposed to trigger when you’re in combat doesn’t start playing so you’re left with dead silence besides gunfire and dialogue lines while fighting), or Versus. Without having to use our phone, mobile device or PC to play them. I know there’s a few I’d take over just listening to gunfire and voice lines all the time particularly in Horde.