Who from the GOW Community should be the next Multiplayer Design Director?

If TC had to choose from the GOW Community who you would like to be the next Multiplayer Design Director ?

Here are the nominees:

IIIENVII: He is a master craftsman on building gaming computers, knows everything on watercooling solutions as well as how to configure a computer to play GOW games to the max… a true master of the craft and excellent GOW Player on both Versus and Horde.

presc1ence: A long standing community Veteran, a great player and he specializes in Versus mode withing GOW games. Onyx Ranked player and a very well known figure in the competitive esports arena.

@TC_Clown: A PVP and Versus Specialist from Gears of War 4, he is known to be a well liked figure within the GOW Forums and is widely regarded to have a perfect use with the Gnasher under extreme situations.

@SHINO_BAZ : A LEGEND within the GOW Community, he is know for perfect use of Gnasher, and Lancer under all game modes, and its widely regarded to be " THE PERFECT LEGEND " within the community, a true TOP GUN and the Best of the Best.

@T0NY_HAYABUSA : Considered to be an expert of Gears of War 3 and 4 , he is the most knowledgeable member of the GOW community in NINJA GAIDEN games, he has mastered all of them and is fully capable to complete NINJA GAIDEN 2 : THE DARK SWORD OF CHAOS in a speed run without dying not even once.

@anon32088142 : World First RE-UP 50 on Gears 5 , he knows how to exploit weakness within the game structure of Gears of War games and take it to the limit ,

@Ektope : World’s Second RE-UP 50; he is a great player on all Gears Games and have a tremendous amount of memorabilia and books from Gears of War Games.

@Hu1k_Daddy : He is the most knowledgeable strategist on GOW Games, Author of numerous documents and know-how’s on all Gears Games , he is perhaps one of the most respected figures on this community.

@GB6_Kazuya: A great GOW player, he likes seeing the games in a “Political Approach " , he doesn’t like Gears 5 and believes TC has created a " mess of a game " and its perhaps " the worst GOW game ever” , However he do believes GOW 3 AND 2 to be one of the best games in the world.

@The_Bozzmeister also known as “THE BOZZ” , he is a highly aggressive and competitive player in Gears of War 3 and 4, highly respected within the community , he is great in playing video games .

@Duffman_GB: A great horde player, Gears of War 3 specialist and a person who knows a lot of dark aspects within the conception of the GOW games and strategy, Known for his great passion towards Gears of War.

D_A_N_III_3_L: A former Two time Mexico Chess winner , been playing since 5 years old and I like playing all GOW related games, occasionally I’m trying to play UNO CARD GAME online within friends and Chess with top ELO rated players. I’m not very good with the gnasher but I’m learning :slight_smile:

@FUNKDOKTOR: A highly skilled master on Gears 5 , knows his game very well and likes to talk about “THE GREYS " , " tractor beam lasers” and " THE UFO’S" . highly knowledgeable on Cosmic Topics and a Great friend to play around.

GhostofDelta2: The inventor of the term " GHOST ENERGY" which is equivalent as " THE FORCE " within Starwars. one of the most well liked figure around here, a friend of many and a person who knows not only to play GOW but many other games around. He plays a lot Gears 5. and also he knows well the game since he is a highly skilled Versus Player on almost every aspect of the game.

Make you Vote :slight_smile:


Pffff, me.


you’re on the nominees my friend :slight_smile:

Yeah this thread makes no sense man lol. I mean, I am Top 50 in the world in NG Black Karma run so I do consider myself a pretty damn good NG player. I don’t know what that has to do with being a MP design director to be honest but hey, thanks for the shout out.


Oh damn :eyes:

Ok, to add a little to mine because I’m a little competitive and I asked for the BMI for so long - TC gave it to everyone for FREE !! You’re all welcome.

Anyway, let’s go make Gears 5 Great Again:

Been a Diamond 5 Player in 4 across two playlists. Diamond across three.

Can I just say your boy dropped a max of 204 Elims. Second highest seen on the forums!!!

Been a Masters #1 too.

Also been a Masters over 3 Playslists and stopped at the 4th due to wanting Diamond Skins back when confusion over them.

Been playing since 2006 - OG Gears 1.

Won against Octus with a crazy high ping. He didn’t get a single cap that game. I got MVP :grimacing:

That’s my CV :sweat_smile:

To TC:

I’ll do it for free for one entire game.

Can’t get better than that.


All lies, but i’ll take it. :smiley:
‘Bring back the clutch moments’ will be my campaign slogan.

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you’re the first one man :slight_smile:

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If you know how to be a great player in such games as stated before without a doubt a person can excel to be a " MULTIPLAYER DESIGN DIRECTOR " and make Gears of War 6 THE PERFECT GAME.

All nominees should 1v1 against each other.

First to 10.

Prove your worth :grimacing:


Got my vote

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me too Ill play without a doubt :slight_smile:

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In honour of being my first vote, you’ll be the first one I design and implement a badass Skin for - thanks for the vote :muscle:


We should definitely organise it!

We need more community nights!

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We’ll start a thread on organizing a Versus Event between all of us . It would be great.

Ill be definetely be in as well as @TC_Clown

it would be like the battle of the century , a match like that hahahahaha :smile:

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This thread was very much needed. Thank you Daniel.

Now, personally, I would stay true to my libertarian leanings and create a MP experience that focused on the individual, (personal performance>overall team performance). I would also increase the recoil on all rifles, and also add bloom to the lancer. I would buff the Boomshot, nerf the Dropshot, and buff the frags.
I would also create incentives to keep aim assist off (i.e increased boost and rank % on wins, and decrease in rank % on losses)
FFA would get an overhaul: Smaller maps, fewer players, no power weapons.
Bring back health regen while bouncing
Slightly increase strafe speed
Make weapon swap faster
Buff the Markza
Fire 90% of TC employees.

@T0NY_HAYABUSA is vice president
@III_EnVii_III My cool British butler, who serves me food on silver platters and addresses me as “My good sir!”


My vote of course goes to @SHINO_BAZ though


That’s a lot of promises :eyes:

I was going to start by saying I’ll get rid of that god awaful boot sequence and go from there :joy:

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Most welcome Dave, I was thinking about this thread quite a while :slight_smile:

I do believe all of us could change the game for the better , I really hope Gears of War 6 could deliver the changes that you mentioned before, I do agree on all of them.


Nobody, especially not with those criteria. I doubt reaching Reup 50 suddenly gives you the knowledge of how to lead a group or develop a game/code… only how to find flaws in it which certainly doesn’t make one a developer.

I don’t see who I would choose out of this list, though.

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Gears of War 6 is going to also drop the “War”

And “Gears”.

It will be simply known as “6”.