Who else is gonna miss gears 4

If the population wasn’t about to die I’d hop back on it. A lot of the things I didn’t fully appreciate in 4 are now sorely missed. It’s like an ex that you criticize, until she’s gone. I’m gonna send Gears 4 late night texts asking how she’s doing. If she’s happy. :disappointed_relieved:

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She’ll never be happy since you’ll move on with another girl (Gears 5).

Dont worry you can use your mods in 5

Who said anything about mods? Nice edit removing “Slimebag” from your sentence by the way.

You are a slimebag mod person. Guns snapping on 3 different enemies. Gotta mod horde you’re trash man. Tell delta to ban me ■■■■■■

It’s called Steady Hand…

It’s called aim assist

Instead of accusing me of something I have no knowledge of, where’s your proof that I use mods? I literally play with a normal Xbox controller.

Literally have your snaps recorded from horde going fro mhead shot to headshot snap lock on. You mod dude. Plain as day aim correction. 3 different snaps dead to Center head on clock tower multiple directions. You’re trash dude. Anyone who plays cod knows aim correction when they see it. Dudes upstairs dead lock on. Center map dead head on. Its mods

Wrong. It’s called Steady Hand. Also, I would like to add that I play horde in 60fps thanks to the Xbox One X’s performance mode. It makes you react faster and makes it easier getting headshots. That’s it. You probably play on a normal Xbox One with 30fps.

I play x too and watched you multiple times lock on. You cheat dude give it up. Why you’re on the block list

You can choose to believe me or not. I don’t care, but I guarantee you that I do not nor have I ever used mods. Hell, I don’t even know how to mod a game.

It’s called I bought the controller lol. You’re tash man. Have to cheat in horde.

Again. You have no proof of me using mods because I don’t use them.

Happy to submit that recording

Feel free to do so.

Gladly. Aim correction all day on a modded controller. Nothing happens to dirtbags like you cause it’s in the controller. Gears has 0 policy in it. You guys know it so you cheat. Gotta cheat on ai its pathetic.

Well? Where’s this recording to back you up? I have nothing to hide.

On the xbox just let me leave my friends and a party to get right on it lol.

Totally going to miss …every shot.