Who else is gonna miss gears 4

I am :pensive:


Hard to miss an ex when your new girl is way better

ya feel?


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Anyhoo, yes it did…and ironically in comparison to its sequel it actually looks better than it ever has. I can see me potentially spending a lot of time on Gears 4 after Gears 5’s Campaign is thoroughly completed.

As for the OP, it’s going nowhere. You can’t miss it. What I miss is the heyday of Gears 3. The best times. I’m still working on that time machine. But Gears 4 will have an active community for a while yet, unless you have a modem powered by a Hamster. In which case, nothing works offline. Bye bye.

Yes, better in absolutely no way, shape or form. :+1:

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Will be missed. Just like all of the other titles.

I know I won’t be missing the bore that is Gears 4 Horde… not that 5s really looks any better right now. The rest? Well, I never got into Versus so it doesn’t really concern me whether it will be played(still) or missed by people. And the Campaign, well, I can’t really say I’ll miss it much when I can play it again whenever I’d like to. Used to think people would just mostly abandon Gears 4 post-Gears 5 release but I’m not so sure about this now.

Gears 4 will forever be the best Gears.

It can now RIP.


I will still own Gears 4, so nothing to miss.

Depends how good or bad Gears 5 is tbh.

Gears 4 felt like a poor man’s Epic Gears (and I won’t miss it that much regardless).

Gears 5 looks to have changed up enough for it to be a TC Gears. Whether that results in a quality enjoyable experience, we’ll know in a few days time. (Won’t lie, my hopes and expectations are insanely far apart.)


This opinion is vastly incorrect.

I like your sense of humour.


Ahh, the 83%, the UIR packs, the 4k achievement score.

Brings a tear to my eye.

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Without a doubt 4 will be missed.


Will definitely miss Wrestler Oscar the most.


Without a doubt. And of course, the classic color blast characters.
Still angry that TC never released Color Blast Wrestler Oscar. That would have been legendary

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Still waiting for colour blast swarm imago as well.

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Dreadful game. Good riddance.

LOL, I am just downloading it for windows 10 to play it for the first time! Gears 5 will have to wait.

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I’ll definitely miss it. Was my first gears experience. And the gameplay feels much better to me than 5 did in the tech test. I’m keeping an open mind though.

GOW4 is the Gears game that I invested the most time (and money) into, so it will definitely be missed.

It’s a flawed game for sure. The campaign is very average and the new characters mostly struggle to establish themselves as being interesting. The Swarm enemies lack variety and this hurts Horde mode.

But having said that, as a Horde player, this iteration of Horde has been my favourite. I’ve enjoyed the ability to build and place fortifications anywhere you want, and have enjoyed the Class system, which again isn’t perfect and needs some tweaking.

Versus plays pretty smoothly if you factor out the connection issues which remain a big problem at times. I’ve also really enjoyed Escalation as a mode and it’s one of my favourites (along with Guardian which is very under rated).

The lootboxes were dreadful and a real low point. Especially the RNG format.

And the pandering to the competitive scene hasn’t been great either. For example removing the Hammerburst from starting loadouts, which was my favourite rifle by far.

All in all GOW4, while flawed, is a decent game. Hopefully GOW5 can at least match it. I didn’t enjoy the Tech Test, and at present am really just looking forward to the Campaign, followed by Escape.