Who else hasn't come across lift or that arena map in quick play versus yet

I’ve been playing all evening and hasn’t come up once. You want me to play this game or what? Joke.

Im on the same boat trying to get a lift win objective and its not giving me lift ,6 stars that i cannot have and its such a easy 6 stars . T.C has ■■■■■■ us once again on a worse operation for cosmetics and horde cards. But will I continue playing this game? YOU ■■■■■■ RIGHT ILL CONTINUE PLAYING. I hate T.C for their lack of care for the fans they just see us as consumers and I love gears way too much to just stop playing.

Still haven’t come across lift as a choice in vs. Put maps in a rotation fgs

I have come across Lift within the first few minutes of the playing the game after Operation 2 came out. I think it was on Arms Race and possibly Ranked King of the Hill but it wasnt voted for. Ive been playing mostly quickmatch in the last couple days due to lack of time but Lift has not been seen in there.