Who else has got Masters after the reset?

I Got mine in KOTH last night close in TDM and now I’m about to go for Guardian.
I actually think the Ranking system has been improved besides the placement matches being very inconsistent and favoring players running solo believe it or not.

I was Masters in Guardian and TDM before the reset

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Gears 4 T3 Onyx here with T2 Onyx thus far in G5. Placed Gold T3 over the weekend. Maybe I’m just fiercely mediocre so the game isn’t jumping me around in placements. Or maybe im just lucky.

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I got masters within 15 games for KOTH after the reset but unfortunately due to the terrible matchmaking in this game i’ve had a recent losing streak of about 12 games even though i got MVP in 10 of them taking me back to diamond 3.

For some reason Gears 5 likes to match me with single cell life forms for teammates that have a combined IQ of 10 and expects me to be able to 1v5 every game


yeah koth is generous with points given to the winning team imo because games are so long… lol but you need to play with a team bro.

I would play with my friends but there on Gears 4 :confused:

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Idk but there’s like 500 people in Masters for each playlist according to the leaderboards and that’s like half the population :joy:

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If that’s the case anything behind Gears 5 on the Most played list on Xbox is Dead because its 27th