Who else bought the Gears 5 Rainbow swirl Lancer? I did lol

I know the store prices are bad they need to fix… but if I see something I like I’m buying it lol


Looks good, but I already have Retro Wave, Neon Wave, and Rock.

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I have all of those besides Team Rock lol

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It looks awful.


They need to let us start running with two lancers to show off the skin collection.


oh yeah especially to make the Gnasher purist mad lol


Nothing against you but its this mentality for the store being the way it is. People keep complaining about how high the prices are but yet feed into it.


They don’t really bother me price why my only Complaint is we need more Bundles like the Aape pack if they would of made the Chrome steel esports character skins and weapon skins a 20-25$ bundle for everything The coalition would of made a lot more money

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The prices are all over the place. The AAPE pack for $20 gets you a character skin, 19 weapon skins, a blood spray, a mark, and a banner. Yet the get hype pack is $25 and you only get 5 weapon skins, an expression, mark and banner. Then you have $10 character skins, $10 weapon bundles with only 5 skins. $5 for 1 weapon skin ect. Its a joke right now


That’s true but if all the bundles were like The AAPE pack I wouldn’t mind

I wouldnt mind either. But I dont think it should cost $7 for a bloodspray or $8 for an execution. This store need a total makeover and needs to be more reasonable. At the end of the day they will sell a lot more if they lower prices or make more reasonable bundles


agreed Bloodsprays, banners, and executions should be like 100-200 iron at most
banners and bloodsprays need to be reworked to be more visible anyways

Complain, yet contribute. It’s like complaining there’s always a poo in your toilet, yet you won’t flush it.

was it just added today?

I see people with skins that i have no idea how to get/unlock.

what is the difference between retro and neon wave? are those the get hype skins?

im lost here.

Lol £5 for 1 weapon skin is not something i will ever pay. They had my £80, i would be more than happy to give them £35 for a season pass that drops stuff like gears 3 did but their current business model is just a bend you over the barrel practice.


What a joke. Just another reason not to boot up this embarrassment.


Sadly they will be saving all the better skins for the store :pensive:

if it was all rainbow swirl for all weapons for 500 iron i would buy it


The structure of the store doesn’t really appeal to me. Selling partial sets doesn’t entice me to buy because there is nothing to go with it and there is no guarantee there ever will be.


they shouldn’t be in there to begin with, They need to change the atmosphere and yeah nerfing the gnasher is a good idea, never complained about that, but the prices are insane, emotes, banners, and bloodspray feel like GTA V when trevor and franklin and lamar go to buy coke and the dealer sells him, a gram when he asked for a brick