Who else bought Gears 5 on steam?

I really like how there are lots of of different ways to play Gears 5 now with Xbox, game pass, windows store and now steam I think this will be great for Gears especially with population and longevity.
I can’t wait to play this game

I did it today, Ultimate Edition. I’m surprised it’s not high in the top sellers.

I think it has to do with it not being properly advertised yet. I mean, it’s not listed on any front pages on Steam, you have to actually look for it. Microsoft is still reluctant to even throw a Steam logo up on even the newest trailers. So, it’s to be expected.

You have to know about it being on Steam already, to go look for it’s store page. So, it’s mainly the super fans that are keeping up with every little bit of news, that’ll go find the page and purchase it.

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well it was on the 4th page on the top steam wishlist games page now its on the first page since its been advertised regardless its fully crossplay so it’s not like we are just limited to steam players.
I think Gears 5 will do really good on steam and it will be in the top Sellers when it comes out for sure but at the same time a lot of people will just play it on game pass.

I use steam but I’m going to game pass this one for a month and see how it goes.

Does anyone know; to get “play anywhere”, do you have to buy it through the Microsoft store? If I buy this I don’t want to buy 2 copies for both my pc and my wife’s Xbox.

Window Store and Xbox.

But Steam is its own. Buying on Steam doesn’t mean you have it on Xbox or Window Store.


Just to clarify.


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I really want to, but the “no crossbuy” rules are making me have to consider it. I already bought the Xbox One X that comes with Ultimate Edition, so now I have to decide if it’s worth it to get (probably the Standard Edition) on Steam later on…

The good thing is that if you do get the Standard Edition on Steam later, all your progress and unlocks carry over.

Yes, well from my understanding the only downside would be not playing the Steam version until Sep. 10th. But as long as the Windows Store can hold it together for a few days, that’s not a problem :grin:

I will likely buy the Steam version but I’m thinking of waiting for a sale. I have Xbox Game Pass until April 2021 and it may extend even further so it’s pointless to spend $60.

Getting Ultimate Game Pass for free is a wonderful thing. :joy:

Edit: I guess I’ll end up buying it on Steam as a gift for my buddy so we can play together. LOL

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I bought the game on steam, Windows Store was a headache during the beta not letting me install Gears 5 so I cancelled my preorder on that and moved over, thanks to the “try again later” bug I didn’t get the exclusive beta bloodsplatter… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I bought Gears 5 on Steam yesterday but then thought that I have owned every single GoW game on Xbox so I refunded it and just bought it on Windows store. I have a feeling around release it will be a top seller on Steam tho.

why is it on steam again

would waited 1st never going what u run into

I plan to get it through steam, the horrific Window Store downloads would fail all the time part way through if paused. Steam is a superior alternative.

With that being said, I hope they fix the problem that use Nvidea users have with 1060,1070,1080 [Guide] Windows 10 - How To Revert Nvida Drivers to 382.53

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