Who does not like killing juvies, this guy doesn't

I am so tired of horde getting the shaft, how about 4x xp for horde? How about something different ever? Two bosses same time? all Scions? All locusts? A bunch of small enemies like juvies or trackers is boring. Looks like another month of not playing gears


I’m definitely not a huge fan of Juvies but I’ll be doing it for the Lancer/Gnasher skins. Beyond that though I’ll be playing other modes as there is no reason for me to play it more than that.

Sure, give us some tough enemies.

4xp? Nah, that will bring all those white levels to insane/incon.

My friends that primarily play vs like it because it’s great practice to get your Boltok, Longshot, Markza, etc faster and more accurate. I get a ton of juvie headshots with those weapons and when I go back to VS, I’m always surprised at how much better my no-scopes are.

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There is always private, and some of whites have some potential. I was a brand new gamer when I found gears 2 horde

What skins? Is it the blood omen skins? I am so close to finishing the collection.

I do not discount what you are saying, but let’s take a step back, you stated that vs players like this horde variant. What would these vs players say to vs variant that catered to horde players?


No, thanks.

I don’t like juvies because they are hard to kill because they dodge all the time…they feel like they are only in the game to be the annoyance but this game has enough annoyances

Midnight Omen Skins

It exists, it’s called co-op VS AI and I don’t know many VS players who are bothered by it. Most like the fact that there’s a place for newer players to get acclimated.

I’ve never been very sympathetic to people who make big complaints about juvie/tracker variants because the one thing I hate about Horde is the REPETITION. I am very glad when they add a fresh variant that’s not like the typical Horde. I think the thing you guys should complain about is that there isn’t something like Frenzy available 24/7. THAT’S the real problem. Not the fact that they add unusual special events, but the fact that they take away certain ones.

What would solve most people’s problems (in lieu of not having more variants available) is a willingness to be more social. There are so many people that are looking for people to play horde. I get invites all the time and if I want to play a Horde, I can always get people together for a private lobby. Just make more effort to find people to play Horde with and set up private lobbies of whatever version you want. It’s better too because you get to pick your own map!

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Ah apologies I did mean midnight omen. I am a collecter so jump at every chance to finish a collection. Thank you very much for the info.

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No 4xp for Horde soley because of speedruns. Even TC said they didnt do like a killcount horde challenge because of speedruns.

I wish we would have got a different Horde variant that we haven’t done before.
Juvie Madness / Jingle Juvies has already came and gone like two or three times already.
So it sort of gets repetitive, would’ve preferred Mania back.


Ready for the Heavies - All Scions and DR-1s. Maybe Guardians, Sentinels and Pouncers mixed in as well.

The Gauntlet - All boss waves.


I agree re the lack of any “killer” events. I was (am) a “pathological horder” in Gears 3, and have played about 15000 waves on 4 and have 90% odd skills maxed out. .
The last time was several months back though, bored to death with 3.0, but can happily play original and 2.0 to this day and do.

We can only hope with the increased enemy rosta in 5 including our beloved Locusts that we get Horde back to where it belongs…
KING OF CO-OP :wink:

Juvies is back?

Sooo… expect to see squads full of brawler scouts who quit as soon as they complete their 200-kill bounties. :tired_face:

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When they get annoying and start to go to the other end of the map so they can hog kills I’ll snipe trackers and then let the scout bleed out.
It’s ugly I admit but way too many people ruin this mode by trying to draw juvies away from the team so they can take all the kills.


Neat trick! :+1:
In previous events I must confess that I’ve played scout AND used the 200-kill bounty, but then when I’ve got it I’ll just run around in a little circle using myself as a decoy for the rest of the team. It’s one of the few times I ever use the Energise card.

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