Who does and doesn't need lockers?

As the title says.

I’ll start of with the easy one, infiltrator doesn’t need one :smiley:.

So does the Infiltrator need one or doesn’t need one?

PS: I know the answer. Just picking at the ambiguity of your written post! :smiley:

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Jack definitely needs one


Whoever ask for it. I would think two Level 4 Lockers might be enough, then you could see does and doesn’t use it. And if both went full, then maybe 3rd.


Gunner with chaingun ammo regen at level 10 using a heavy weapon/Mulcher build is its own walking locker.

Tactician with explosive resupply perk at a certain level.

If your post is not of serious nature… a Pilot running the Dropshot build 100% doesn’t require a locker. No, totally not at all.

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Marksman, Anchor (with Tri-Shot), Pilot, Veteran, Combat Medic and Robotics Expert might need Locker. The rest of classes could be played efficiently and may not need Locker at all. But when it comes to randoms, you can’t know if they want or need one, especially the explosive classes, unless you communicate.

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Or if the one individual (typically a heavy) they might need another 4 lockers filled with boomshots, Salvos, dropshots and gls.

When I play as Keegan/Tactician with a JD and we’re doing the Spotter Support-artillery thing, I don’t really need anything aside from Flashbangs. I’d keep a Salvo and a Boomshot just in case, but find I rarely need to use them.


Thanks for correcting me earlier pal :joy::joy::joy:

Yes well said pal. Hence, why I love playing as infiltrator, tactician or even gunner. Me personally, when I’m playing those class I don’t need a locker to.

Doesn’t need lockers: Jack
Does need lockers: Everybody else

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A good question to ask for would-be Engineers. It depends on the class, and how the player is building it, of course.

Demolitions is most notorious for needing lockers, especially with the capacity nerf to their explosives.

Pilot will need a full locker to themselves too, but only if using the Hammer card.

Tactician won’t need a locker, but will NEED to be allowed to perk up ASAP for the resupply Ult to survive without one.

Gunner (Mulcher/Tri-Shot build) won’t need a locker either, but absolutely NEEDS to be allowed to perk up ASAP for chaingun regen.

Gunner (Explosive stun/instant-freeze Cryo, Torque Bow bleed) will need a locker for all the utility here, but isn’t as urgent, and also not as common.

Anchor will need a locker for Tri-Shots, and maybe a Longshot or two.

Marksman will need a locker, but is pretty efficient with ammo, so can often share the locker with others.

Nomad (ranged) will need a locker for Markzas and Longshots, as especially the Markza will burn through ammo fast.

Nomad (Execution) will not need a locker, except perhaps for late-game to get a spare Lancer or Retro.

Inflitrator doesn’t need a locker. Can easily live off of ammo boxes and other Grenadiers.

Striker will need a locker for Breaker Maces, as they don’t last long and are the only way this class can do any real damage.

Blademaster and Protector both might want Mace lockers but there are some players like myself who prefer normal melee hit-and-run attacks to bleed things.

Brawler (Tackle) doesn’t need a locker. Almost won’t shoot at all while running around.

Veteran might need a locker due to the Ult using up a lot of ammo.

Slugger will need a locker for heavy weapons, or just let them use power for grenades.

Everyone else off the top of my head is low priority for lockers. However, once the base is setup, it is still a good idea to have an extra locker here and there for emergency supplies or things like Cryo Cannons. Can always ask players if they need or want any.

Still prefer a few basic fences before anything else at the beginning though, lol.

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Actually I’m very serious here… I know I like to troll sometimes in this forum :joy:. But I’m serious. As far as I know Jack can still put nades/flashbangs/shocks in lockers. That being said putting flashes in locker is massively going to help tactician class, for his meatshield just in case he/she runs out on flashes. Putting nades in locker will also massively help demolition if they are running with nades card and many other classes for different reasons.

The grenade locker trick with Jack does still work but the grenades don’t recharge so it seems a bit of a waste. Or if they do recharge it takes forever because I was playing last night and it didn’t seem to recharge them at all.

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Anyone with ammo regen as a perk doesn’t imo. Anchor is a strong candidate for no locker.

I think it’s best to assume everyone needs a locker. I tend to not need it when I play Mac or Cole, but there are different playstyles with those also when a locker might be needed.

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