Who do you think is most underrated Horde/Escape character?

I always tend to see Fahz, Kait, JD, etc in my lobbies. Personally, I think the most underrated has to be my main, Cog Gear. Gear gives the team 50% health regen, which is huge on master, and can literally bring the entire team back if everyone is wiped within 2 seconds by a Kestral or guardian. Gear also has the benefit of helpful headshots, giving the entire team stim, as well as the team repair card. Not to mention how tanky you can make Cog Gear with the right build. I regularly get 30+ revives in a game of Frenzy unless my team is god tier, and you can actually put out a fair amount of damage with gears custom lancer card surprisingly. If you’re ok with not lighting up the scoreboard in damage, and love to win, a cog gear goes a long way in making that happen.


Baird is very under-rated. He can save alot of money through his Precision Repairs card. He lacks the punch of other sniper-style characters and it really shows on Master difficulty, but if you keep your eye out for opportunities to finish off weakened enemies, then you can get enough kills to keep everything in tip-top condition.


Having a Lizzie who understands the value of The Hammer instead of spamming Salvos and/or Tri-Shots. And an engineer who provides you a locker to keep Dropshots early on instead of giving in to the “Muh Lv 4 locker” complaints from JDs when they need it less to be useful unless I’m supposed to waste the Silverback on some random enemies running about.


Baird is easily the most underrated character, not only is the class capable of dishing out lots of damage (Bloody DR-1, the bleeding precision card, the DB weapon damage card) but he’s also the best damage mitigator (which is underrated in and of itself) in the game. Del can’t get away with having 30+ barriers like Baird can, nevermind that it saves tons of money of the course of a 1-50 because you don’t have to repair much.


I’ve never doubted Baird’s usefulness. Just the fact he isn’t a complete zero on offense unlike del makes him more viable in my eyes. I don’t engineer much so don’t have much Baird experience, but I have no doubt he’s a very good horde option.

Sarah Connor.

Baird is this games bob the builder. He can build lots of forts, and he can fix them with no issue. Just another advantage he has over playing as Del.

@AmicableWall421 I can’t agree more. I never see Lizzie’s using their drops correctly. The player will either not use the drop at all, using a retro or something stupid, or they will use the drops constantly just blowing through ammo like a much less useful JD, sometimes without even using her hammer card.

Well, it depends on personal playstyles - I usually prefer to keep the Dropshot initially only for bigger enemies/threats like most Scions, or Guardians, or situations of need where the Silverback would be overkill(or if I’m getting real annoyed by some stupid camper Drones that refuse to leave the other side of the map and nobody else is killing them). Get a Claw as soon as one is available. But once I have my own locker and at the very least the ammo capacity perk leveled up, I tend to switch to the Drop as main killing weapon. Sometimes taking a Boomshot from a dead Scion for Hail Mary ribbons. People who know me well are aware I’m something of a killing machine with it, albeit less so in Gears 5 because the Dropshot got nerfed to oblivion.

But some people can’t help themselves it seems. The JDs who have to waste Boomshots or whatever on a single Leech are evidence of that.

Sarah Conner.

She’s just underutilized overall.

You’re terminated MF.

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Hmmmm really. Someone above said that too now that I look at it. I may have to give her a try sometime. I dont typically hear much about her, but that’s the whole reason I created this thread :smile:.
Thanks for the info both of you @FirestormOfFear

actually DeL after buffs
60% db weapon damage with 30% more active effect. damage 1.6 ingame

Vs baird 100% damage when enemy lower than 50%hp (0.5+(1.5*0.5))=1.25damages

And db weapon also buffs trishot salvo.
Del is better eng after the changes(can build more and better dps at starting)

Well TC has failed to implement those changes, but I’ll definitely be testing him once those changes are finally added. He will be more useful, but I still think Baird with precision repairs will still be the better of the two in all honesty.

I have a lot of fun as cog gear and emile.

Cog gear with a grenade ultimate build is really fun.

Emile is pretty nice when something gets in your base. Drop your shield and start slamming the floor with your mace

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Baird’s Experimental Weapons gives him 50% more active effects for DB weapons at all times. It is just the double damage that only takes effect at less than half health.

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really? Never know it and its not wrote on the card

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please Don’t joke

Her card selection is very limited but Heavy Preparation plus her grenade cards make her viable all the way up to Master (her ult is also pretty useful ).

I wouldn’t describe her as an essential choice (especially after the Op 4 buffs to other characters) but once levelled up she’s more than capable of dealing out significant amounts of damage.

I have to assume that anyone describing her as useless etc hasn’t actually played as her and are basing their opinion solely on the performance of other(bad) players.

problem is she use alot energy for damage.

And Aoe character is too strong compare to her.

And keegan is way more cheaper with 10 times dps
JD deals 10-15times damage than her

Don’t disagree regarding the energy cost however energy usage has changed post Op 4, it’s more acceptable now for players to sink their share into perks early on so SC purchasing grenades shouldn’t really be a big deal.

Ultimately though SC wants a level 4 locker filled with salvos, if she has that then she’s definitely not 10-15 times weaker than JD/Keegan :joy:

For both modes? It’ll definitely be COG Gear. He really can change the ties unknowingly on the battle field.

  • He can repair all fortifications to 50%
  • Stim team
  • Reduce overall damage
  • Intervention card
  • Give HP to team off marked kills
  • Lastly, but not least, the only character in the game that can save Jack when Jack goes DBNO in an unreachable area