Who did you save in Gears 5?

JD or Black JD?



Del is a literal comic relief character. This incentive to make him seem important feels so forced that its almost funny. See, the guy is just naturally comical.


Nobody… I had only played with the much more superior second Campaign!

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Both :stuck_out_tongue: But in my first playthrough, I saved JD. I think it makes the most sense. Will be interesting to see what The Coalition does with it.


First playthrough was Del, but only because my split-screen buddy wanted to.

The Solo runs afterward was JD always.

Actually first tried doing nothing…disappointment followed.

I killed them both.


Was gonna say if there was an option to kill both that’d do me.

Both awful characters especially JD, such a yawn character considering his dads a god.

I save Del because I want to see Marcus being rage :smiley: and say “F Off, Reyna”

And Gears 6 is like Gears 3…using the knife to kill Reyna “This is for JD and …another carmine, maybe gary?”

But first of all, I need an epic soundtrack for Gears 6. Gears 5 is a bit normal to me.

My sanity with not playing that Campaign! :grin:

JD, because I still can’t forgive Del for that eyebrow piercing.


My first run I saved JD then I watched Del on YouTube :sweat_smile:


Del. It made sense for Kait to save her best friend who stuck by her from the beginning.

Lol “black Jd”

I like your style.


I killed kait. Because apparently she can only aim left or right, not straight forward at the queens face!


Lol Black JD? That gave me quite the chuckle

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Marcus lost too much man… i couldnt kill JD.

And i still ship Kait x DEL all the way.

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Yes everyone knows that del is a robosexual

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Best choice by far.


Del, felt more genuine on Kait’s part to save the person who stuck through things with her in act 2, even if JD was looking to redeem himself to them at that point in time and is obviously also a friend.

Not that it was a simple choice for me to make. And of course it’s meaningless since there is going to be a canon and if you’re on the wrong side of the first time pick, well, you’re basically told “tough luck”. Shouldn’t have been a thing in the first place or a little easter egg-like thing for extra non-canon ending cutscenes in Gears 5 while the “true” ending plays out if you don’t do anything and someone knocks “Reyna” Myrrah off long enough for everyone to get away.

That choice was all about marcus and kait.

Who do you love more ?

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