"Who can build" option in server settings

Hello, can you guys make option in server settings where you can choose who can build fortifications, engineers (support class) or all, and people can play like they want, I am personaly like old gears 5 horde more.

For gears 5 is not gonna happen. It is an interesting idea. Not sure if it would be good or something that could be abused by some players.

Imagine people having this option, and also another option that instantly takes away all energy from other players into the fabricator.

It would be the sentry spammers dream.

so it was originally before the updates, only del can build turrets etc, and all players deposit for it

I thought it was Del, Baird and Kat who were the only ones that could build and everyone else was locked out.

Also, the whole reason they uncoupled the characters from classes (and made it so everyone could build) was because the community hated that OG system and thought it was a step backwards in gears horde. In matchmade games, it ruined so many games and ppl hated having to fight to be one of the few builders & ppl would just quit outta matches or just go AFK, so TC realized that system,needed to change.

You might like to have that “one person is a builder” option, but mostly everyone doesn’t like being restricted like that, so I doubt TC will ever add a horde feature like that in gears 6. As for gears 5… they’re done adding features and more custom options, so I’m 99.99% sure that won’t appear in 5. It just doesn’t seem like a feature they’d waste resources on that only a small handful of ppl will appreciate.

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If I’m playing engineer and someone builds I just leave. I have ONE job and you wanna take that away from me?


^ This.

More server settings would be nice :slight_smile:

I want access to all modifiers, like shielded grenadiers, extra headshot damage and so on.
Also instead of having the preset modes just gives us a checklist of which enemies we want to be able to spawn.
And the numbers of waves in increments of 5, if we want 35 waves of only wardens with giant heads that leave behind poison puddles and is resistant to bleeds then so be it!

Others were always able to build but only 2 diffrent forts, JD could buy barriers and sentrys. Jack was able to buy a Forge ect. I think Kait was the only Class who couldn’t buy anything for whatever Reason,

And with the original Powerdrain-mod it was actually good to tell others to buy stuff as it was cheaper for them once you bought 5x Forts i kind of miss the old Powerdrain bc Sentrys cost a Fortune back then.

On topic: I hate the Idea of giving someone such a “Good” way to troll People by setting up a Lobby as Engineer with this Setting on and then leave and nobody can build or Upgrade lockers ect.

Maybe as soon as no Engineer is present the option get’s back to normal? Idk

Preach it…drives me nuts when i see non engineers building. I could at least understand before when the Pilot got damage on barriers and enemies would freeze up…that I can understand…Or if you’re in a game and its like wave 15 and your eng is a noob and hasn’t built a locker and is building only sentries…then yeah in those 2 limited situations I could see a reason…otherwise just ask the eng and deposit…too easy