Who are the OG character classes?

I see sometimes in private escape titles people want a jd, kait, keegan but have no idea what classes those characters were assigned to originally before the op5 changes

Does anyone have a list?

JD is demo
Kait is infiltrator
Keegan is tactician

Demo = JD
Infiltrator = Kait
Mechanic = Del
Veteran = Marcus
Marksman = Fahz
Tactician = Keegan
Anchor = Mac
Blademaster = Lahni
Jack = Jack (duh)
Protector = Emile
Architect = Kat
Slugger = Sarah Connor
Striker = Grace
Combat Medic = COG Gear
Robotics Expert = Baird
Pilot = Lizzie
Brawler = Cole
Gunner = Clayton
Nomad = Paduk


Demolitions - JD
Infiltrator - Kait
Marksman - Fahz
Veteran - Marcus
Jack - well, still Jack
Mechanic - Del
Tactician - Keegan
Blademaster - Lahni
Anchor - Mac
Combat Medic - COG Gear
Pilot - Lizzie
Robotics Expert - Baird
Gunner - Clayton
Brawler - Cole
Nomad - Paduk
Protector - Emile
Architect - Kat
Slugger - Sarah “Grandma” Connor
Striker - Grace, aka the awful hairstyle

You’re welcome. Not that anyone should really be asking for the promo classes to be present, if anything they’ll be excluded from lobbies.

Also, thanks for the opportunity for a spontaneous memory test. I almost forgot to include the Mechanic until I went to double check because I’d made a list of the classes while getting them all to level 20.