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WHITE / BLACK Phantom weapon SKINS | conpcet

Well, it’s based around things I like.

Blue is my favourite colour. Ever since I was young, everything had to be blue. Naturally the team I support is also blue.

Green was my second favourite. If blue wasn’t available, then it would have to be green.

I also like the colour Purple. I find it very different and a great choice to other colours.

Satin Grey and Satin Black are absolutely beautiful colours on cars and I love either of these. All my tech and gadgets have to be black wherever possible.

Jewellery wise - Silver was my favourite. My watches I would always prefer the Silver look.



Oh wow, I might need time to take this in…

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Growing up I loved the Power Rangers.

I was always a fan of the Blue one.

Then I saw the green one and was like DAMN that’s cool!

Then they put in the Black and White Power Rangers!!!

But I’m loyal and stuck by the Blue one as my favourite.


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This was life, I had the actual life size White Power Ranger Sword :laughing:


Agreed. Purple (dark/violent only) is one of my favourite colours alongside red and black.

Mighty Morphin, all the way. I liked Jason, the Red Ranger. And Goldar for some reason :joy:

Oh, and Kimberly…but that’s a story for another day.


Why would you? He made them not you from what you are telling me. I said they should make a Gears 4 years ago, do I get credit for that?


Exactly. That post annoyed me so much. Some freeloader trying to muscle in and take credit for someone else’s work. Absolutely shameless.


Here Tony, here’s some credit…

…good job…(gives one pathetic clap)

I can’t like the colour Red because it’s the opposite of Blue and the “other team” in my City is Red :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But agreed, I followed PR for a long time before they changed actors one too many times and it went bad.

My childhood was filled with all the best TV shows and Anime :laughing:

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OR…your City is Blue, from a certain point of view :joy:

Same, after Mighty Morphin I fell away from it.

Agreed, mine was too. NOTHING can top the Batman Animated Series. :grinning:

Aha, although I loved Batman / Spider-Man - my childhood was spent loving Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Beyblade, Monster Hunter and my all time favourite and still my favourite, Dragon Ball (and Z, GT, Super plus the movies).

But I watched pretty much every kids show here in the UK as well, like Jungle Run, Grizzly Tales for Gruesom Kids, Hey Arthur, Recess, Simpsons, the kid with the oblong head and so on


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Hey Arnold :joy: Yes I was the same, Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo to name another couple!

Pokemon was great but when I watched it there was 152 Pokemon :+1: Dragon Ball Z was great, Budokai Tenkachi were amazing games as well. Now it’s gone crazy, with “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” levels :joy: Vegeta :+1:

Ok now you’re making me feel old.

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Yes! Dexter’s Lab.

Cow and Chicken.

So many !!!

I kept up with Pokemon till they hit over 300-400. Now it’s just gotten confusing but I don’t watch it anymore then games are still worth a play through. I’ll be getting a Switch just for Shield & Sword at the end of this year!

I’ve kept up with DBZ though and watched every episode fork the English Uncut version.

So it’s natural that they have now gone to Super Saipan God.

I will forever be thankful to @GhostofDelta2 for introducing me to DBZ Abridged. It’s absolutely fantastic and you should check it out!

And the new DBZ Hero’s Promotion Episodes are UNREAL!

So epic! :sweat_smile:


The Devil in Cow & Chicken :joy:

I’ve heard a few things about Sword & Shield, sounds good! I’d love a Switch for a few games, including Super Smash Bros. Infinite. Happy, stress-free, Oscar-free gaming.

I’d love to but I’m so far behind it’s unreal! Super Saiyan 3 was the last one at the time I last watched it :joy:

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DBZ abridged would get you up to speed real fast.

It’s about 60 short videos on YouTube - about 3-9 mins each.

Absolutely hilarious :joy:

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I see :joy: I’ll give it a look :+1:

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Said this like a year ago, I like the design’s people came up with. Great idea. Buddha’s back kid’s, let’s play.

N the man says “where do you come from, son?”
But I says "right out back
Wherever I stop and pop the top, that’s where it’s at. "
Up and down, round and round
Back and forth, to and fro
You ask me where I come from son
I live in the blazeabago

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Oh goodness. Please crawl back in the hole from whence you came…


I want to see this with a white fur coat pimpin’ cole train!

Good stuff