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WHITE / BLACK Phantom weapon SKINS | conpcet


(Sugar IT) #63

Unfortunately TC does not seem to be interested in these Phantom skins,
I have not even received a comment from them.
Too bad, I think it would have liked many people to have them. :sleepy:


Ehhh they probably wanted it to be their own idea so they can take credit. Watch them make something similar like a lighter shade of black and a lighter shade of white or something rather and say hey we came up with these ourselves.

(lR4ccoon) #65

Why not a Crystal White weapon skin

(III EnVii III) #66


(kaneky 187) #67

is awesome dude

(NIGHT JuGleR) #68

Nice work

(NIGHT JuGleR) #69

Nice work guy

(F Off My Guns) #70

That would be sick