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WHITE / BLACK Phantom weapon SKINS | conpcet


(Sugar IT) #63

Unfortunately TC does not seem to be interested in these Phantom skins,
I have not even received a comment from them.
Too bad, I think it would have liked many people to have them. :sleepy:


Ehhh they probably wanted it to be their own idea so they can take credit. Watch them make something similar like a lighter shade of black and a lighter shade of white or something rather and say hey we came up with these ourselves.

(lR4ccoon) #65

Why not a Crystal White weapon skin

(III EnVii III) #66


(kaneky 187) #67

is awesome dude

(NIGHT JuGleR) #68

Nice work

(NIGHT JuGleR) #69

Nice work guy

(F Off My Guns) #70

That would be sick

(Buster McTunder) #71

Weird because to me it seems random in game. In the menu it’s always Orange/Blue but in game sometimes they look red/cyan.


Congrats to the OP. Looks like the Black phantom skins are now a reality


He better get credit for them

(GearsCharacters) #74

If you read all the post I’m the one that ask him to make the black phantom skins. ? So do I get credit because sugar did not think of it I did

(Bleeding Pepper) #75

What? For suggesting a colour? Here’s a colour - green. For envy.

(GB6 Kazuya) #76

Only if you get a tattoo of a Black Phantom weapon.

(GearsCharacters) #77


(Me0wMix CatFood) #78

They created phantom skins in several colors. I don’t think it was a big leap to say they might have decided black on their own.

Now, if you came up with the phantom weapon concept, then I’d say you deserve some credit.

(III EnVii III) #79

Ah Green is a beautiful colour, my 2nd favourite in fact :v:


Wait, you have a list of favorite colors??

(III EnVii III) #81

Of course!

Why, is that a surprise?