WHITE / BLACK Phantom weapon SKINS | conpcet



yeah this nice phantom white and black is best coming soon ?


All those skins look awesome!
Thanks for posting the black phantoms

(GB6 Kazuya) #45

Excellent work, the Black Phantom skins look great.

(SuedPaladin440) #46

White is the coolest. Where to get it?

(Sugar IT) #47

Now there’s no way to have them…
I do not think they’ll ever be added.
Maybe if many people asked to do it, it could happen😉


Tc did say in a stream or 2 ago that yes they not done with a new phantom skin set

(DarkChaoz95) #49

Probably wont ever, if anything they will probably make a TC exclusive phantom skin.

Skin called TC phantom - white phantom skin with a black phantom TC logo on it.

(DeadPool Jr DSG) #50


(DeadPool Jr DSG) #51


(Wild Fluttershy) #52

how to earn them?

(RINZLER 2849) #53

You can’t. This is just user created content. Not actually real.

(Sugar IT) #54

I think so too. White is mainly used for exclusive TC content.
So if they decide to make them, I guess the white ones can have the TC logo while the skins are black with the Esports logo.

(qp L1LMAN qp) #55


(III EnVii III) #56

And the Crimson Red ones can say “EnVii” on them :rofl::raised_hands:

(MrAhrenZky) #57

It’s beautiful, you should consider it @TC_Octus

(Sugar IT) #58

Thank you… It would be too good to be true :sweat_smile:

(GA Vengeance) #59

Just what I predicted you should make this available with real $$$ Because I’m missing 3 pink phantom (Lancer , Boltok & markza) all because I had to work… I mean seriously… you should make the weapons claimable until midnight… and then you can do all that screen shotting proof about it and claim it. And im missing only 3… the 2nd round of phantom giveouts… which would be shotgun enforcer and embar… please hear me out because I had to work during that time it was bs I know you’ll hand it out again because I have 2 blue phantom snipes… I would have almost every esports skin because I got gow4 Xmas of 2017 right when the nuclear skins came out… i want them to come in return so please I ask… do the heart beat skins now… which I don’t have the one because I was dumb enough to not look up how much gas was needed to travel north to MI because I have a lot of family drama going on atm… and I just want my gears life back… I miss being on the battlefield I’ve been fighting the locust since 08 (don’t mind the nerdy part of that but still) if you could hold off the heartbeat skins for now because I should have the xbx1 before this Xmas that would touch my heart haha but it’s not going to occur obviously if I was the developer I would phantomize the handouts if I were you… because that’s not fair. And everyone knows that in all reality… I’m mad I don’t have nuclear I don’t have all the recent heart beat weapons… I have 5 flaming skins since the 2v2 event BTTE so please hear this out. I have the recent emeralds given out which I asked in the past and I kinda gave it away so as you can see I have been keeping everything a nice little love letter for myself. A BIG… THANK… YOU TO YOU TC VECTES AND OCTUS!!!

GA Vengeance

(GreatWhiteShark) #60

What I want… No, scratch that. What I NEED is a clear phantom skin (white-ish) and fill it with blue water swaying back and forth on the inside and a mini white shark swimming around in it. You could put 1 or 2 white shark circling in it and maybe a little drizzle of blood drippin in the middle everytime you kill someone.

I’d call it the… Shark Bite skin.

Oh maybe for a special event, you could spawn this skin on everyone to play some sort of water gun game. But instead of water, it would be blood. Then when you’re splattered on at least 83% of your whole body. A tornado of sharks would form above you and rain down on you Jaws style. I mean hey there’s already lightnings and windflares on some maps so… feasible, yeah?

C’mon, don’t lie. You know you want this.

(GA Vengeance) #61

You should really consider that saying to even begin with because I would do anything in this planet to get those skins… I seriously need them even the rainbow which possibly is a spoiler. There are other options though please though… do this… you will make the world a better and happier place by making that set… available… I would die for those skins. Please…

(Buster McTunder) #62

Technically they’re in game if u die holding the classic phantoms.

Also, changing it from metals to phanto me for a season of two for rank rewards would be pretty nice.

Just don t want brown ones